Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Israel!

Hey friends, I just watched a fabulous virtual tour of Israel and want to share it with you!  It appears to be the work of Kristin Pearson, who I do not know, but with whom I share a kindred spirit!

She toured Israel in December 2017 with Behold Israel (Amir Tsarfati), and according to her FB post on the Behold Israel forum, she was greatly moved by the trip.  If you’ve ever been to Israel, you know the feeling!  I bet you can’t watch the video without a flood of memories taking you back to that incredible place!

If you have never been to Israel, I encourage you to make the “journey of a lifetime,” if at all possible.  It is life-changing, and you will never read your Bible the same again!  There are lots of groups/tour companies you could go with.  However, I have toured with Amir Tsarfati and can tell you there is nothing like touring with an “on fire for the Lord” Messianic Jewish believer in Jesus!  (Yes, I know that’s redundant…but it just flew out that way!)

Because 2018 Behold Israel tours (led by Amir) sold out so quickly, they added another tour recently.  Take advantage of the May 4-13, 2018 tour and hang out for an extra day to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday!  Or, if not this year, make plans to go next year!  Just get there, if you can!

Meanwhile, that virtual tour I told you about….   Settle in, and enjoy the tour, courtesy of Kristin Pearson:

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