Thank Your Congressman…Unless Their Names are Jones or Massie!

Yesterday the US House of Representative voted overwhelmingly in support of the rights of Iranian people to peacefully protest the Iranian regime’s oppression.  Iranian people are experiencing a tumbling economy and very high unemployment because their government insists on funneling hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to terrorist, while ignoring their citizens’ needs.

The House resolution simply  “condemns the Iranian regime’s serious human rights abuses against the Iranian people, significant corruption and destabilizing activities abroad.”

While we can rejoice that the measure passed in a  415-2 vote, doesn’t it make you wonder which two representatives were crazy enough to oppose such a resolution?  Do they really see the behavior of the Iranian regime as okay?  (Click the “415-2 vote” link above to find out how your representative voted!)

By the way, AIPAC has a simple webpage you can use to send thanks to your representative, and to encourage your senators to vote likewise on the the Senate version of the resolution.  It will automatically identify your representative and senators (regardless of the state in which your live), and provide a form letter.  All you have to do is input your name and address.

Friends, it doesn’t get any easier than that!  Our leaders in Congress need to hear from us.  If you are an American citizen, will you please make your voice heard?  This is a rare occasion when Democrats and Republican agree on something.  It takes 30 seconds, so let’s bombard our Congressmen with thanks!

PS: If Walter Jones (R – NC) or Thomas Massie (R – KY) are your Congressmen, they definitely need to hear from you!  Please express your displeasure in their vote AGAINST the freedom and human rights of the Iranian people, and FOR a tyrannical regime who will sacrifice its people to destroy Israel and the United States.

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