Thank Your Congressman…Unless Their Names are Jones or Massie!

Yesterday the US House of Representative voted overwhelmingly in support of the rights of Iranian people to peacefully protest the Iranian regime’s oppression.  Iranian people are experiencing a tumbling economy and very high unemployment because their government insists on funneling hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to terrorist, while ignoring their citizens’ needs.

The House resolution simply  “condemns the Iranian regime’s serious human rights abuses against the Iranian people, significant corruption and destabilizing activities abroad.”

While we can rejoice that the measure passed in a  415-2 vote, doesn’t it make you wonder which two representatives were crazy enough to oppose such a resolution?  Do they really see the behavior of the Iranian regime as okay?  (Click the “415-2 vote” link above to find out how your representative voted!)

By the way, AIPAC has a simple webpage you can use to send thanks to your representative, and to encourage your senators to vote likewise on the the Senate version of the resolution.  It will automatically identify your representative and senators (regardless of the state in which your live), and provide a form letter.  All you have to do is input your name and address.

Friends, it doesn’t get any easier than that!  Our leaders in Congress need to hear from us.  If you are an American citizen, will you please make your voice heard?  This is a rare occasion when Democrats and Republican agree on something.  It takes 30 seconds, so let’s bombard our Congressmen with thanks!

PS: If Walter Jones (R – NC) or Thomas Massie (R – KY) are your Congressmen, they definitely need to hear from you!  Please express your displeasure in their vote AGAINST the freedom and human rights of the Iranian people, and FOR a tyrannical regime who will sacrifice its people to destroy Israel and the United States.

Lobbying Congress at AIPAC

Wow, what a wild few days! The AIPAC Policy Conference just concluded in Washington DC, and I am on a flight home as I write. I will share my personal reflections of the event in the next day or two. However, I must fill you in on my first experience as a lobbyist!

Part of our group ascends Capitol Hill

This was not my first time to DC, so walking where some of the world’s most powerful leaders walk didn’t hold the luster that it did the first time I set foot in DC. But marching up Capitol Hill and through the underground


Tunnel between Senate and House Buildings

tunnel between the Senate Buildings and the House of Representatives with a special purpose and a specific  message was a privilege not experienced by most Americans. Indeed, each of us was a voice for thousands of other constituents back home, and I was truly honored by the privilege to speak for those with whom I am like-minded.

The AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Policy Conference was all about 18,700 delegates supporting the interests of Israel. I am happy to say that Jews and Gentiles from all walks of life, of every skin tone known to man, from both political parties (and more!), and of various faiths and lifestyles stood in absolute unity, and with three specific points of emphasis as we flooded the offices of every Senator and Representative in the U.S. Congress! Here are the three points of which every member of Congress was confronted:
  1. Reimpose and strictly enforce tough sanctions on Iran when they fail in their obligations to the nuclear deal, and to existing UN requirements that are not included in the nuclear agreement.
  2. Support bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and do not allow the UN (or any other body) to arbitrarily declare statehood. This is critical because the UN is highly unfavorable toward Israel and the Palestinians are pressing for the UN to act unilaterally on their behalf.
  3. Support robust funding of military necessities to Israel, which will in turn bolster US capabilities. The U.S. and Israel have a unique partnership, in that there is a free flow of technology and intelligence between the two. The innovation and benefits brought by one benefit both. It’s a two-for-one deal…and knowing Israel’s incredible advances in intelligence, that is a huge bonus for America!

Delegation of Arizona Christians gathering for a lobbying appointment

So, most of the 18,000 AIPAC delegates went to The Hill to personally deliver the message! I’m proud to say that Arizona, despite the distance, had one of the largest delegations. So large, we required larger meeting rooms! And, though I’m sad to say that Arizona has a couple of Representatives who don’t take as strong a stance as we would like, I’m very pleased to say that our Senators, Jeff Flake and John McCain, are leading proponents of Israel’s security!


McCain Staff

Senator McCain has long sat on the Senate Arms Services Committee, and has strongly supported Israel. Likewise, Senator Flake is a leader in the Senate when it comes to Israel.


Flake Staffer

Both have already signed off on specific documents, committing continued strong support. Thus, though neither was in Washington today to meet with us personally, we met with Chiefs of Staff and/or Legislative Assistants well-versed on the issues. Each gave us assurance that the Senators are fully onboard with AIPAC’s stated concerns.


Arizona contingent with Rep Schweikert

David Schweikert is the Representative in my district, and we met personally with him. I am proud to say he is a leader in the House when it comes to Israel! He, too, has already signed off on appropriate legislation to uphold the specific concerns we presented, and pledged to remain a leader in the House of Representatives when it comes to Israel’s security.

It was a thrilling experience, and a very positive one. If there is one issue in Washington that Congressmen seem to agree for the most part, it is Israel! Please join me in praising God for Republicans and Democrats alike who are committed and working every day to keep Israel safe! Pray that they stand firm against an administration that doesn’t share the depth of their commitment. Prayer is vital and I hope you will always pray for our government leaders…and for the peace of Jerusalem!
Check back tomorrow for interesting reflections from my experience at the Policy Conference.

Can We Trust Congress to Do What is Right?

Labor Day is past and Congress is scheduled to reconvene today.  Throughout history Congress has made very critical decisions, but none seem larger or more critical than decisions that are looming before our legislature today.  By September 17, Congress must vote on the Iran nuclear deal and, as news reports have indicated, President Obama has enough support to uphold a veto once Congress votes down the deal.  In addition, Congress will vote on a spending bill that may have implications on funding for Planned Parenthood.  But let’s take a closer look at each of those issues.

It is not too late to stop the Iran nuclear deal from becoming US law.  In fact, Congress has a moral obligation to uphold the US Constitution by declaring the Iran nuclear deal a foreign treaty, requiring a 2/3 majority vote in the Senate.  Though President Obama calls the deal a “non-binding executive agreement,” his word is not more authoritative than the US Constitution.  Furthermore, the terms of the Corker-Cardin bill have not been met, making Obama’s push for approval of the deal illegal.

Congress could vote on the Iran deal as early as this week, so I encourage you to take action TODAY.

  1. Click here to discover how Congress can…and should…declare the Iran deal a foreign treaty.
  2. Contact your Senators and encourage them to uphold their Constitutional responsibility.  Click here to find out how to contact your Senators.
  3. Contact the presidential candidates and express your disapproval of the Iranian deal, asking them to commit to do everything in their power to nullify the agreement if elected.  You will find links to all the candidates’ websites (including how to contact them) on the right sidebar of this website.  (Yesterday, I contacted my Senators and 12 top presidential candidates and it took me less than 10 minutes.)
  4. Pray fervently for Senators to have the courage to act righteously in defending and upholding the US Constitution.

As for the vote on the spending bill connected to funding for Planned Parenthood, many Congressmen are poised to use spending legislation to strip funding from Planned Parenthood.  Currently, our tax dollars are used to fund the murder of unborn babies.  Even more shocking, recent videos have surfaced revealing Planned Parenthood discussing the “appropriate” way to perform abortions so that body parts of those innocent babies can be sold for profit.  It is utterly disgusting and abhorrent before the Lord our Maker.

Again, take action by contacting your Senators and House Representatives to voice your adamant disapproval of the funding of Planned Parenthood by your tax dollars.  Pray, also, that righteousness will prevail as our lawmakers vote on this critical issue.

Friends, we are watching our country run swiftly down a path of immorality and failure to uphold our Constitution.  I’m left to wonder, “How long will God put up with this?”  My honest thought is that God has chosen to extend mercy a little longer due to the fervent prayers of the saints.  Let’s be faithful to pray for our nation, pleading that God’s mercy will draw our country to repentance.  Let’s be the generation that makes honest appraisal of sin (individually and nationally) and turns from it.  It is not yet too late…but we’re late in the eleventh hour.  Will you take action right now?