Is America about to Give up Sovereignty?

Hey friends, there is something very big on the horizon and no one is talking about it, so we will. (You can cut to the chase to hear Michelle Bachmann address this issue at the bottom of this post.)

It’s a fact: we simply don’t live in the same America we grew up in. We worked hard and were proud of the jobs we held. We honored our parents and respected those in authority. Children were precious and protected. Only the “bad kids” flirted with smoking and alcohol. Our parents knew where we were and approved of the friends we hung out with (or we didn’t do it!) A large segment of the population attended church regularly, and even most of those who didn’t had strong moral values.

No, America wasn’t perfect, and the reality was not quite that pristine, but we thought it was. Generations before us endured world wars and The Great Depression, yet no country on earth was as resilient as America. Then at some point, America began to slide from its Biblical foundation. Suddenly, prayer was no longer allowed in school or public places, monuments of the Ten Commandments were removed from courthouse lawns, nativity scenes were banned, we could no longer use the term “Christmas,” abortion was legalized and so were mind-altering drugs. In essence, we shook our collective fist in the face of God and told Him to get out.

Guess what, American friends…He has. We are living in a post-Christian America.

Only two countries on earth were established on Biblical principles: Israel and the US. For each, when God was pushed out, His hand of protection left them. The Israelites were sent into captivity to the likes of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.

America is headed for a different type of exile. We are already held captive by false claims of racism, the trans movement, the religion of climate change, a society of death, hatred toward Christians, and soon a threat that could literally strike the death knell to America.

What could possibly be worse than what we are already going through? Plenty…if you understand what the Bible teaches concerning the all-out pursuit of one world order. Because of God’s grace in honoring America’s founding and commitment to Godly values and principles, America has served as the beacon of hope to the whole world. Never in the past would America give up her nationalism and her values. Our brave men and women in uniform fought valiantly for them.

But that’s all changed now. Not only is the American economy in trouble. Not only is our military all but depleted, thanks to the billions of dollars and weaponry poured into a useless war in Ukraine. Not only is our nation overrun with illegal immigrants, many of whom are criminals and terrorists. Not only are fentanyl and other deadly drugs pouring into our country like a tsunami. But now we face a legitimate threat to totally lose our national sovereignty. Once sovereignty is lost, a nation ceases to exist.

Here is what is playing out. On May 21-30, the 76th World Health Assembly will meet in Geneva, Switzerland. By far the most significant thing on the agenda is whether or not World Health Organization (WHO)-member states will adopt a resolution whereby the WHO will be granted authority to make health decisions worldwide, without consent of any national governments.

For example, the WHO, not the US, would decide whether Americans must mask up, be vaccinated and/or be locked down during the next health crisis. (Make no mistake: another health crisis is coming…then another…then another.) This is only one step in the process of giving up American sovereignty in favor of a worldwide government, and it is being actively pushed by the Biden administration.

In fact, this was up for a vote in last year’s WHO Assembly and, thankfully, Botswana (of all nations) helped cause its demise. Not America or any other powerful nation, but a little-known African nation. America WANTS to give up control!

This is a REALLY big deal, so why are we not hearing about it? We don’t hear about it because it is part of the One World Order plan! The radical left literally hates you, they are pushing for One World Order with all their might, and they control the media! Of course, we are not going to hear about it.

But, this needs to be brought up with our Representatives and Senators in Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans are failing us when they should be representing us! They are simply not doing anything about this! Any resolution or action at the WHO (an agency of the United Nations…and you know what I think about them) should come only at the approval of our own Congress. They need to act, and act NOW.

Friends, that means WE need to act, and act NOW! Many of you have never contacted your elected officials, but it really is not that difficult. They need to hear from you, and they need to know we expect them to represent us in this very important issue. So, I’ll make it really simple. Call your two Senators and one Representative and tell the staffer who answers the phone (or voice mail) that you wish to make a statement regarding the meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO). Then, simply read this script:

I am calling to urge Senator (or Representative) _________ to sponsor legislation forbidding the United States from entering into any agreement with the World Health Organization whereby they would act with sovereign authority over the United States.  We are a free country and must remain free to determine our own decisions when it comes to healthcare or emergency protocols if/when a medical emergency occurs.  Please DO NOT give away American sovereignty to the WHO.

Secondly, this battle must be fought on our knees, dear friends. The push for One World Order is real, and is described in Revelation 13, 18 and elsewhere. Ultimately, it will come, but our duty as believers and followers of Jesus Christ is to fight for righteousness until our final breath, or until Jesus appears in the clouds to take us home! (Luke 19:11-13) The battle is in prayer. Will you commit to pray every day between now and May 30, believing that our Sovereign God is God over all? Please enter the throne room with boldness (Hebrews 4:16) and let your requests be made known to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Philippians 4:6).

Hear Michelle Bachmann describe the dangers we face us as the WHO meets in May:

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