Protests in Iran and Jesus Making Himself Known!

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Protests have broken out across Iran over the past few days.  Though freedom of speech is not supported in Iran, news is leaking out through social media and foreign press.  CNN (a very liberal news organization) is reporting, and President Trump is tweeting.

The fact is,  we don’t know all the details, though it appears that many are protesting against both President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.  Mired in a corrupt economy and high unemployment, Iranian citizens expected things to get better following the 2015 nuclear deal in which America gave hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran.  Instead, the Iranian regime dumped funds into sponsoring terrorism, to the neglect of their own people.

So, what’s the outcome? That question would be answered differently from different perspectives, but let’s consider the spiritual perspective for a moment.

Some media sources (such as this one) are reporting mass conversions, particularly by young people, to Christianity.  Jesus has been revealing Himself to Iranians for years, so this is not all the work of the current protests.  But the fact remains that many are seeing the void that Islam creates and are looking for something that will truly fill that void.  They are in search of the One True God!

Get your Bibles out and you will see that others have been in search of the One True God.  Hagar in Genesis 15-16.  The Samaritan woman in John 4.  Consider Acts 2, known to us as the account of Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit showed up there, and guess who was present?  A whole bunch of people groups we would recognize as Arabs today!

Most interestingly, verse 9 mentions Parthians.  Guess who that is!  Iranians!  Yes, they were present at Pentecost, when the One True God made Himself known through the coming of the Holy Spirit.  That very same Holy Spirit is speaking once more to Iranians, and they are coming to know the God of Abraham…the One True God.  Not Allah, but Jesus Christ!

Friends, as our world continues to lurch toward the end of days, view news of current events through the lens of Scripture and know that God is preparing us for a new kingdom!  One in which He will rule and reign.

He desires that none should perish, thus He is revealing Himself to all who will believe in Him!  Pray for the Iranian people.  They are normal human beings, just like us.  They are ruled by an evil regime, guided by a false religion.  They simply need to know Jesus!  He is moving in their midst, so let’s join forces with our Lord and pray for the salvation of many!

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