The Big Middle East Lie

I just discovered an article regarding the killing of three Israeli police and border patrol officers by a Palestinian at a checkpoint in Israel several days ago.  The article doesn’t have “new news” about the event, but it does offer some perspective of the whole issue of Palestinians working in Israel.

Here is a snippet from the article:

His family and friends say he also had a good life and was considered lucky to have been employed by Jews because he received a higher salary and was protected by Israeli labor laws.The night before Jamal set out in his murderous mission, he spent a few hours at the fitness gym in his village, located only a few miles away from Har Adar.

So, Jamal, the murderer of the three Israelis (two of the victims were Arab Israelis), was not poor. He was not unemployed. In fact, according his friends, Jamal earned much more than what a senior police officer or school teacher working for the Palestinian Authority or Hamas brings home every month.

What was it, then, that drove Jamal to his murderous scheme, gunning down three young men who were supposed to be facilitating his entry into Israel? Was it because he could not provide for his children? No. Was it because his landlord was pressuring him about the rent? No: Jamal lived in a nice place of his own, complete with furniture, appliances and bedrooms that any family in the West would be proud to own.

~The Gatestone Institute, October 2, 2017

I encourage you to read the article (linked above) for more insight into this tragedy and why Palestinians do these sort of things.  But meanwhile, acts of terror continue to hog headlines and leave people wondering whether or not our world will survive much longer.  We’ve now added Marseille (France) and Las Vegas to the list of places besieged by pure, Satanic evil, and no place on earth seems off limits.

Christian friends, it has never been more crucial than now to be in God’s Word, be in prayer and be about our Father’s business.  Take some time to pray today for the families affected by these massacres, then go out into the world and be salt and light! (Matthew 5:13-16)

PS: We’re still studying What in the World is Going On each Sunday at both campuses of Calvary Community Church.  (9:00am in the Prayer Room at Northwest, 11:00am in Room 403 at Central)  Get more info here.


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