Study with Israel College of the Bible

Hi friends!  I want to recommend a fantastic resource I have used in my own study of things such as:

  • The Jewish Roots of our Christian Faith
  • The Historical Jesus of the New Testament
  • Jewish-Christian Relationship

I first became aware of Israel College of the Bible (part of the One for Israel ministry) several years ago when I took an online course, and I have been very impressed with course content, the depth of knowledge of instructors, the ease of use of their student portal and the exceptional courtesy of the staff.  Over the years, I have taken several more ICB online courses, and have gleaned valuable knowledge and insight from an Israeli/Messianic Jewish perspective.

Though there are options to study on campus in Israel (which I have not done, but would like to!), many courses are offered online, with the benefit of going at your own pace.  Quality instructors provide on-site (in Israel) video lessons, and students are tested following each segment.  (Check out this sample lesson.)  These are college-level classes, with the option to take them for credit, or audit.  Students who audit the course are not graded, but those taking the class for credit will have in-depth homework assignments that must be submitted electronically.  Either way, you leave with very valuable Biblical wisdom in the subject matter.

What better way is there to study the languages of the Bible, the history of the Bible, the faith of the Bible and more, than in the place where it all began?
~ICB Website

If you are interested, check out their website.  They are currently offering 25% off all classes during “feast season” (through the end of October).  Also, return students have a permanent discount on additional courses.

ICB is accredited and all faculty are believers in Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah).  Take a look…and jump into a fantastic class!

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