Should the Kurds have an Independent State?

With all that is going on in the Middle East, little is heard or seen regarding the Kurds.  However, you may be interested to know that Kurds are set to vote today on a referendum for Kurdish independence.

Some time ago, I addressed the growing idea that today’s Kurds may be descendants of the Biblical Medes.   (See Are the Biblical Medes Today’s Kurds?)  Over the past couple years, we have seen some developments relative to the Kurds.  For example, we know that the Kurds have a very capable military (peshmerga) that has stood toe-to-toe with forces of greater number in their inhabited area of Northern Iraq.  Also, while no official foreign relations with Israel exist, the Kurds and Israel are friendly with one another.

Now, having fought to defend their territory, endured tremendous attack by ISIS and cared for over a million refugees from Iraq and Syria, the Kurds are now taking action to declare independence and create their own nation-state.  Most of the world stands in opposition, though Israel supports the cause.  (Perhaps because Israel understands what it is like to battle for a homeland of its own!)

Obviously, there is much debate on each side.  However, I want to share the Kurdish perspective (at least according to one media report).  Take a look at Here’s why we Kurds deserve a country of our own.

In addition, Joel Rosenberg recently posted a very informative article here, outlining why he believes the US should back the Kurdish effort at statehood.

Pray for these people, asking the Lord to grant favor in whatever way He deems perfect for them.

Things continue to stir in the Middle East.  Keep an eye on Scripture as you keep an eye on news!

Have a blessed week!

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