Pictorial Tour of Life in Jerusalem

I have always wanted to “immerse in the culture” of Israel, and I’ve certainly had that opportunity here in Jerusalem for a few days.  With only brief explanations, I’ll allow pictures to tell the story!

In Israel, most road signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English.  Like this:


Got the picture?  I bet you don’t!  Here is Reuven St:





Yes, a mere walkway…replete with cats!  They are obviously afraid of cameras, because only the little guy on the left (in the shade) was brave enough to sit for the photo…making a complete liar of me!  No wonder I don’t like cats!




I have found Jerusalem to have many quaint little parks and places to walk, jog, bike or stroll.  Here’s a boardwalk leading past First Station (which I mentioned a day or two ago).  How far does the path go?  Well, on my morning jog I ran to one end of it, but didn’t find the other end.  So the answer is “I don’t know.”  However, my understanding is that it eventually runs into a Palestinian West Bank neighborhood.  I didn’t jog there to confirm!

BTW, if you missed my Jerusalem Traffic 101 video on Facebook, go there and check it out!  Here’s the link!


Here are a few shots of my friend’s apartment (where I’m staying):

Driveway and entry.  (Yes, I’m standing in the driveway.  Streets, driveways and cars are very small here!)

Front patio.  (There was a cat curled up in the bowl on the table when I left this morning!)

Beautiful, huh!  What’s not to like?
Here is the front door.  Remember, this is an apartment building, so the stairs to the left of the door go up a couple more floors to other apartments.  (And no…the cats don’t enter through that cat/doggie door….at least not on MY watch!!!)


This was a day of prayer for me, though those who know me, know I can’t be cooped up for long!  Thus, I took long prayer walks through and around the neighborhood, and checked out some of the local shops, markets and sidewalk cafes.  Perhaps I’ll show you more of my “finds” later.

Meanwhile, on this Isaiah 62 Day of Prayer, I found it a privilege to be in the City of God, praying for Israel, the region and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  For those unaware, ICEJ initiated the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative, bringing together believers from all over the world in prayers of unison.  The day is still young back home, so I hope you will find time to pray for Israel before your head hits a pillow tonight.  You will find specific prayer points here.

For now, shalom from Jerusalem…and I hope you will stop by again for more action from the Holy City!

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