Ordinary People…in a Not-so-Ordinary Land

When you think of Israel, what comes to mind?

…the birthplace of Jesus
…the disciples fishing on the Sea of Galilee
…Temple Mount (and  all the turmoil that occurs there today!)
…Jesus healing people and loving children
…Golgotha and the Garden Tomb from which Jesus arose

It is definitely a unique and out-of-the-ordinary place.  There is nowhere else like it in the entire universe, and in at least 30 place in Scripture, the Bible tells us God put His name in Jerusalem!

But what about the people?  Are the Jewish people any different than you and me?  Are they more holy?  More righteous?  More deserving of God than anyone else?  Absolutely not!  They are people, just like you and me!  Israel suffers the same social ills that plague every other nation on earth.

They are an ordinary people, living in an extraordinary land!  Susan Michaels (ICEJ-USA’s Executive Director) just published an article that helps us understand the imperfections and the needs of Jewish people, even in the extraordinary land of Israel.

Take a few moments to read The People of Israel.

Blessings my friends, and thanks for stopping by!

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