Linking the Past with the Future

Hi friends! Today I will share with you a very timely message from Israel.  When one goes to Israel and walks where Jesus walks, something happens deep inside.  As the Bible comes to life, many people also feel a sense of “belonging” in Israel.  Knowing that Jesus once set foot on the very spot where you walk yields an incredible sense of awe.

However, did you know that, while Jesus would have walked a great many places in Israel, there are only a limited number of locales where experts know for certain that the ground we walk today is the ground Jesus would have walked 2,000 years ago.

One such place…a place we know with 100% certainty that Jesus walked…is the Herodian street that goes along the Western Wall of Temple Mount.  Much of that street is now underground, as things have been built on top of it.  But a portion of it (below the southwest corner of Temple Mount) is clearly accessible and verified to be the street level where all Jews, including Jesus, would have walked to get to the Temple.

I want to send you on a journey to that place, not only for historical significance, but to tie the past to the future.  God’s Word is amazingly accurate.  In fact, depending upon whose research you consider, there are as many as 1,000 prophecies in Scripture.  Roughly half have been fulfilled exactly as Scripture says, and the other half are yet to be fulfilled.  Stop and consider, my friends…not one single Bible prophecy has ever been disproven.

God’s Word is the most trustworthy piece of literature on the planet!  If 500 prophecies have been fulfilled exactly, we can count on the other 500 being fulfilled exactly as well.

The stones on the 2,000+ year old Herodian street carry a prophetic message that I want to share with you.  As you enjoy your weekend, carve out 16 minutes to watch the teaching below regarding the Herodian street and the prophetic message!  Enjoy!


PS: It’s not too late to attend the “God’s Heart for Israel” conference that begins tonight at 7:00pm.  If you are in the Phoenix area, please join us!  You can find out more here.

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