Yom HaShoah 2017: Remembering the Lost, Remembering Survivors

It is estimated that less than 200,000 Holocaust survivors are alive today, and roughly 40 die each day.  One in three lives in poverty.  Today, Jews around the world remember those who were lost in the Holocaust, even while many of them struggle themselves.

What is being done?  Who cares for those who have endured so much in their lifetimes?  There are certainly many (though not enough) organizations who aid these dear people.  But I want to introduce you to the Haifa Home, run by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  It is a home in Israel for Holocaust survivors, and here is a brief bit about Haifa Home:

The Home is unique in many ways. Its purpose has evolved from merely supplying accommodation for Holocaust Survivors, to providing a community in the real sense of the word. Local survivors enjoy a warm welcome at the Home for participation in various celebrations, activities and services. So the Haifa Home family is made up not only of residents, but other survivors too.

It is a true outreach, in the name of Yeshua (Jesus).  Take a look at this 3-minute Yom HaShoah 2017 remembrance:

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