A Shout Out to Followers in Finland!

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Hi Finland…I see you!  Blog statistics lately have shown Finland to be the second most represented country (after only the United States) in viewers to this blog.  Thus, I want to say hello, and I want to share with others around the world that Israel has a very good friend in Finland!

I am so blessed to see followers from around the globe, and I’m happy to have the privilege of interacting via comments, Google+ and other venues with many of you from places such as Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Israel, Spain, and many other places.  I am grateful for you all!

Related imageToday, though, I would like for you to consider Finland.  A small, beautiful European country situated between Russia to the east and Sweden to the west (1/4 of which is north of the Arctic Circle), Finland represents a shining light when it comes to Israel.  For example, for over 25 years, the “Finnish Route” provided a way for Russian Jews to make aliyah (return to the homeland) to Israel.

There was a time (in the 1990’s) when so many Russian Jews were returning to Israel that many chose to circumvent the congestion by going through Finland.  Today, though the congestion has subsided considerably, some Russian Jews continue to make use of the “Finnish Route” to the homeland.  International Christian Embassy-Jerusalem staff members help make that possible.

On a continent where BDS and other anti-semitic sentiment runs rampant, there is remarkable support for Israel in Finland.  Many Finnish towns and villages demonstrate solidarity with the Jewish people, and it runs across denominational lines.  (See here for more information.)

Finally, you may or may not know that the International Christian Embassy has a branch in Finland, which has been operational since 1984.  For those of you in Finland (or able to read Finnish), the ICEJ’s website is a great source of information, and you will find it in Finnish here.

So, to my friends in Finland, THANKS for following, and thanks for being a vital part of the worldwide family that loves and supports Israel!

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