Chemical Weapons Used against Syrian Citizens

Friends, we will postpone the launch of our next section of study together, as I want to invite you to join me in prayer for dozens of Syrian families who have lost loved ones (including many young children) to brutal chemical weapon attacks.

Early yesterday morning, airstrikes delivered sarin gas, leaving some of those on the ground foaming at the mouth or struggling to breath.  World leaders are holding the Assad government responsible and US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has called for an emergency Security Council meeting.

According to the Washington Post, President Trump called the attack “reprehensible” and said that it “cannot be ignored by the civilized world.”  Furthermore, he implicates President Obama in the bombing, calling it a “consequence” of Obama’s “weakness and irresolution.” (In reference to Obama’s “red line” indiscretion, allowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to use chemical weapons in 2013 without consequences.)

But the bottom line is this: it matters not who is to blame.  What matters is what will be done.  Over 100 people lost their lives at the hands of their own government.  Furthermore, over half a million people have been killed in the Syrian civil war, and millions more are wounded and/or displaced.

What is happening in Syria at the hands of multiple rogue regimes (the Assad government, ISIS, Iran, Russia, and others), and in Iraq at the hands of ISIS are atrocious.  Wickedness reigns supreme in those parts of the Middle East and people are dying without knowing the love of Christ.  Sure, there are geopolitical points we could (and should) be praying about.  But more importantly, we must pray for the people of Syria (and throughout the Middle East) to find the only true Peace that exists…the Prince of Peace.

My friends, we are living in the last days…in fact, the last minutes of the last days.  As we watch the world unravel, it takes nothing less than the return of Jesus to bring about any sense of Godliness, grace and knowledge to our world.  While, as believers, we pray “Maranatha…Lord come quickly,” we must remember that God desires that none should perish, but that all would come to the saving grace of Jesus.  (Read 2 Peter 3)

Today is a day of prayer for those of us committed to the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative.  However, let’s go a step further and pray for Syria and other people groups in the Middle East as we pray also for Israel.

PS: Lord willing, tomorrow we’ll dive into a section of study I’ve titled, “Bring the King Home.”  It is one of the most impacting parts of the study, Why Israel Matters: Rightly Relating to our Jewish Roots.  If you haven’t followed along, jump in and join us!  You will be blessed.  See you tomorrow!

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