Who are the Palestinians?

The Arab League Summit will take place in Amman Jordan next week.  One major agenda item is the revised “peace plan” to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But who are the Palestinians, and what are the origins of “Palestine?”  You may be surprised to know that the term “Palestinians” was first applied to Jewish people residing in Judea and Samaria!  Roman General Hadrian foisted the term on the Jews to demean them, naming them after their ancient enemies, the Philistines.  Their land became known as Syria-Palestina.

Want to know more?  Check out this 5-minute explanation:

So, as the Arab League and others attempt to re-write history and eliminate the Jewish state, keep in mind that God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham, promising land and descendants forever!  Israel is back in the land and God’s promises are everlasting!

Speaking of God’s everlasting promises, we’re jumping back into the study, Why Israel Matters, where we will begin a journey studying 3 great covenants of the Bible.  So, grab a seat at the study table tomorrow!  Meet you there.

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