ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Attack

In the face of a 68-nation summit to strengthen an anti-ISIS coalition, ISIS claims responsibility for the terrorist attack carried out yesterday in London.  Reports this morning confirm 3 dead and 40 injured.

The New York Times reported that the attacker has been identified as English-born, 52-year-old, Khalid Masood, identified as “a peripheral figure” with links to violent extremism and a 20-year police record.  He was killed by police following the attacks.

Meanwhile, the Arab League Summit is scheduled to meet next week, where the agenda will center on a revised “peace plan” and efforts to block the US from moving the embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, among other things.

Christian friends, birth pangs are increasing (Matthew 24:8), which signals the soon return of our Lord.  So, keep looking up because our redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28)!

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