Are We Winning the War against ISIS?

How would you answer this question: Is the US and our allies defeating ISIS and getting safer every day, or are we losing the battle and becoming less safe?

A new poll has just been released, revealing American’s belief about ISIS and our safety, and much more.  Here are some cold, hard facts from the McLaughlin & Associates survey, commissioned by Tyndale House Publishing and author, Joel Rosenberg, in conjunction with the release of his new novel, Without Warning.  Here are a few of the findings:

  • 41% of those polled believe we are losing the battle, and another 25% don’t know whether we are winning or losing.
  • 68% (including well over half of liberals and moderates) fear attacks launched by ISIS inside the US.
  • When asked whether ISIS obtaining WMD’s or climate change is the greater threat, 85% of conservatives vs only 31% of liberals indicated ISIS obtaining WMD’s.

We live in a time when many live in fear of a threat they don’t even acknowledge!  While a very significant percentage of Americans fear an attack by ISIS, not even half believe we’re losing a battle, and 1 in 4 have no clue whether we are winning or losing!  On top of that, the drum beat of the horrors of climate change is impacting more and more Americans, particularly those under 40.

Take a look at the sobering results yourself.  (You’ll find them here.)  You may also be interested in Joel Rosenberg’s article for Fox News.  As he has so aptly stated…

Image result for risk being blindsided by

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