“A Thorn in Their Side Forever”

You’ve heard of the civil war in Syria, and you probably know that ISIS has taken up positions in Syria.  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has also established fronts in Syria.

Image result for israel syria border mapHowever, do you realize just how close to Israeli cities those enemies are?  Check out the map to the left.  You see only about 1/3 of Israel, but it clearly shows the proximity of Syria (where ISIS, Iran, the Assad regime, the Russian military, and others are battling over territory and weapons), Lebanon (where Hezbollah is entrenched), and the Golan Heights (striped area on the map).  All the action is on Israel’s borders!

I recently found an inside look and very clear narrative from IDF soldiers on the Golan Heights.  In it, you hear an ISIS operative state that the goal is to be “a thorn in their [Israel’s] side forever,” indicating just what the mindset is when it comes to Israel.  This 6-minute video paints a very crisp picture of what Israel is dealing with on its northern borders.  Enjoy!

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