How Close are We?

How close are we to the rapture?  In Christian circles, that is the question that seems to swirl.  In non-Christian circles, we hear about chaos and threats of anarchy in both Europe, and more and more so in America.  In increasing measure, I hear respected Bible teachers say that we may well be living not in the last days, but in the last minutes of the last hour of history as we know it on this earth.  In other words, many are looking anxiously for the rapture of the church!

Why is that?  Because Biblically prophetic events are happening faster than ever before in world history.  Syria is a hot mess and Damascus hangs on a thread.  Russia and Iran have cemented a relationship that will lead to the Ezekiel 38 coalition.  Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims are killing one another (and others) in incredibly escalating numbers.  These are only a few of the “signs of the time.”

Highly-respected Bible teacher, Amir Tsarfati, joined JD Farag (an Arab Christian pastor from Hawaii) in an interview conducted by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries.  You can hear them discuss current events in light of Bible prophecy, and offer some intriguing insights.  Enjoy!

(Please note: While I recommend Amir Tsarfati’s teachings, I am cautious of the teachings of JD Farag, as he tends to focus a bit more on political conspiracies than I am comfortable with. This particular interview was void of those concerns. Let’s always be discerning of God’s truth!)

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