Bill Introduced to Cut US Funding to the UN

Just days before the Trump administration takes office, a new bill seeking to defund the United Nations was introduced in the US Senate.  The “Safeguard Israel Act” was introduced last week by Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Ted Cruz of Texas.

Cruz denounced the Obama administration’s abstention of vote on UN Resolution 2334 as having “betrayed decades of robust bipartisan American support for Israel,” while Graham stated, “Congress must hold the U.N. accountable and use our leverage as its largest contributor to push for the repeal of this resolution, making it clear to the world that Congress stands unequivocally against efforts to undermine Israel.”

This bill follows a recent vote in Congress where a House resolution denouncing the passage of Resolution 2334 passed 342-80, with a majority (109) Democrats joining their Republican colleagues in condemning the UN resolution.  The Senate also put forth legislation condemning Resolution 2334, and it has widespread support (at least 69 Senators), though it has yet to come to a vote.

That said, Graham and Cruz seem to be riding a wave of support for Israel in their attempt to defund the United Nations if they do not repeal Resolution 2334 quickly.  The United States currently provides 22% of UN funding,  making it a crippling blow if US support is withheld.  A key consideration, though, is how the US would allocate funds for humanitarian assistance that currently gets funneled through the UN.

Though there is room for guarded optimism regarding the US relationship with Israel, let’s wait to see what truly transpires as the new administration takes office tomorrow.  May our nation turn back to Israel in support, not only for the good of both Israel and the US, but because God’s blessing depends upon it.  Those who bless Israel will be blessed…while Israel’s purpose is to bless all the families of the earth.  (Genesis 12:3)  Let’s pray that each fulfills the call God has clearly made certain!


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