Palestinians and Hamas to Meet in Russia to Promote Reconciliation

News reports are indicating Hamas (in control in the Gaza Strip) and Fatah (ruling party in the West Bank) will meet in Russia about the same time as the Paris Middle East peace conference.  In Paris, world leaders are expected to attempt to implement the “peace plan” laid out by John Kerry in his infamous speech just before Christmas.  In short, the plan is to force Israel into giving up land to the Palestinians.  There is little to no obligation on the part of the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Hamas and Fatah, rival rogue regimes, have danced this dance before.  In 2014 they formed a unity government in hopes of drawing support for a united Palestinian state.  The dance ended following Operation Protective Edge (IDF’s response to rockets launched into Israel) in 2015 due to Hamas reportedly carrying out indirect talks with Israel.

Beyond the evil of Fatah and Hamas, can we really trust Russia when it comes to reconciliation, particularly when Israel’s security is at stake?

Read more in the Jerusalem Post report here.

Pray for world leaders and for the Spirit of the Lord to move in the midst of these meetings.  Pray that evil intent will be revealed and thwarted, and that enemy plans will be turned against them.

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