Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas Eve

Hey gang!  It’s not often that Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, but this year Hanukkah and Christmas Eve both occur tonight!  Hanukkah is an 8-day celebration, so it will outlive Christmas this year, but I love the fact that Christians and Jews will celebrate simultaneously today!

I want to share a post that I wrote a little over a year ago when I celebrated the beginning of Hanukkah in Jerusalem.  It was a very special time, and I was reminded that, without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas!  Please take time to read it:

No Christmas without Hanukkah

To my Jewish friends around the world, I wish you the most joyous of Hanukkah seasons.  Likewise, to my Christian friends across the globe, have a blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas Eve


    To my Jews Tribe in Jerusalem, Shalom from Baguale Village in Lake Kutubu District of Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

    I am Paul Kewai Ipakasa from Jews Lost Tribe ” HELA” means Genology, Name of Man, Name o Land and also Name of our God content in our Tribe named mentioned same Israel.

    We comment on the Preparation of Troops in Iran Regime, Rusia, Hisbola and in force to distroy Jerusalem

    I am laughing at them, Our God made covernant with our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and made a Degree with Jecob to look after us and Protect his chosen people.

    Our God is Supreme, Action God who knew those pasawy by name and has History in many Battles with our for fathers.

    See he has defided Egyptans and Kill all Armys with Horses and Let speak agains their gods.
    Their gods are men made, has eye but can not see its people their god is lier and are lier.
    How can they defit our Holy God of Israel.

    We are praying and declare that we are your friends, we will die with you. Your God is Our God, Your Land is Our Land we swear to die with You in tonights Proclaimation.

    Our God Curse those who curses nation of Israel.
    Thank you very much to Prime Minister Benjamin Netuniahu for doing good for Gods people. We pray for his Government and his counter parthners Donald Trump. Please you may display that others may read my proclaimstion.

    By Paul Kewai Ipakasa
    Lost Tribe of Jews “HELA” Frpm Pamu in Jordan Valley.

    • Paul, many blessings to you and the blessed people of PNG! As “lost tribes,” I am grateful that the God who sees all, sees you and knows you…and calls you His own! I join you in blessing Israel, and I pray that my country (the United States) will bless Israel according to Genesis 12:3 also. I am praying that the Light of Jesus Christ shines brightly in you and through you, and that the God of Abraham will draw His lost tribe home! Shalom…and many blessings!

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