Friends, I woke up this morning to very sobering news regarding events in Israel, happening right now.  No, they are not being attacked by Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran or others who would seek her destruction from the outside.

They are being attacked internally by Arab-Israelis who are taking advantage of dry and windy conditions in Israel to set fires throughout at least the northern portions of Israel.  According to various reports, at least 250 fires are burning and arson is suspected in the vast majority of them.

Israel’s Public Security Minister reports that attempts have been made to set fire to at least one fire station in Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, and the closest in proximity to a majority of the fires right now.

Thankfully Greece, Croatia and even Russia and Turkey have sent firefighting aircraft and/or ground support.  Meanwhile, Arab social media is blowing up with hashtag “Israel is burning.”  They are celebrating this event.

Dear friends, this is demonic.  It is a spiritual battle and we need to “enter in” as Christians on behalf of Israel.  I know all of us in America are enjoying a Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, but will you take a few moments to retreat from the festivities and pray?  Perhaps encourage your entire family or group of friends to join you.

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
~James 5:16b

Meet you in the throne room!

UPDATE:  The ICEJ is leading an effort to evacuate at-risk retirement homes and private homes of the elderly in Haifa, where they operate a home for Holocaust survivors.  See that report here.  Please pray specifically for those efforts as well.

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