Join Franklin Graham for a Live Online Prayer Event on Thursday

As you probably know, Franklin Graham has traveled to every state in America, leading people in earnest prayer for our nation.  No one has to tell you that America is in a mess and this election season is a microcosm of the tailspin our nation is experiencing.

Therefore, Franklin is inviting us all to join him for the 50th prayer rally, to be held tomorrow (Thursday, 10/13/2016).  He will appear live on his Facebook page at 11:55 am Eastern time (8:55 am in Phoenix).  Please join with thousands in prayer at the foot of the cross of Jesus, our only hope.

Sharing My Thoughts

Friends, it is no secret that there is no appropriate choice for president if, as Christians, we wish to vote for a candidate with any sense of morals, conservative values or integrity.  Regardless of who we vote for, we will have a president void of any sort of character that we value.

However, this remains perhaps the most important election in our lifetime…if not in the history of the US.  It is tremendously important that you exercise your privilege as an American and vote.  Consider this:

  • The next president will appoint at least one, and potentially as many as four, Supreme Court justices.  This will set the course of our nation for half a century or more.  Should the Supreme Court become any more liberal, all vestiges of religious freedom will be gone.  Morality will be legislated from the bench (ie – “anything goes”), rights of the unborn will be lost forever, Biblical teachings on morality will be considered hate speech (resulting in possible prison sentences), sexual perverts will have free reign in restrooms and other private spaces with our children, and many more atrocities.  A decision not to vote is a “yes” vote for the liberal agenda.
  • Many other elected positions are at stake.  If we neglect to vote, it is a “yes” vote for liberal politicians seeking elected positions at all levels.  The presidential race is not the only one on the ballot.
  • There are vitally important initiatives on most state ballots.  Here in Arizona, we are voting on whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana.  If we choose not to go to the polls, we are saying “yes” to increased crime, spiking addiction rates, candy laced with high-potency THC that kids cannot discern as drugs, and more. (Please read this information before voting on this issue in Arizona.)

These, and many other reasons, make this an extremely important election.  Your vote is important.  Unfortunately, we must ignore names on the ballot in key races (including president) and vote according to the party platform that provides the best possible chance of maintaining morality and religious freedom.

Christian friends, please read these articles before voting:

Your mail-in ballots are likely in your mailbox or on their way right now.  Please vote your values and protect our religious freedom!

PS: What does this have to do with Israel?  A lot.  Should America implode (as it will eventually), it will complete the process of abdicating all responsibility to stand with Israel.  In a sense, that is “good news” for those of us who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The Bible says that Jesus will snatch us out of here (rapture) and we will be with Him.  However, Israel will stand completely alone in the very last days.  Let’s be faithful to Israel for every single second we have left on this earth…whether few or many!

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