Monday Morning’s AIPAC Re-cap

Hi gang! Perhaps you are seeing reports on the news of the ongoing AIPAC Policy Conference. Indeed, it has been a “bigger-than-ever” event with plenty of media present.

We launched the day with a General Session, including a speech by Hillary Clinton. For the first time I heard her lay out a strong agenda for support of Israel. She seems intent on distancing herself from weak, “stand by and do very little” policy, and promises to re-impose sanctions on Iran and even use force against them, if necessary. She did not define “necessary.”

As slick as her speech was, I am still left with grave concerns. First, she was speaking to a strong Israeli advocacy group (as will the Republican candidates tonight). One would expect candidates to speak favorably when speaking to special interest groups. However, what concerns me is Clinton’s less-than-honest track record. If one will lie about Bengazi and about whether or not they used a personal email account for classifies government purposes, will one lie to get votes as well?

My second concern is her liberal stance on moral issues, one of which was brought into this morning’s speech. I simply can’t agree with her stance on issues which conflict with God’s Word.

This is a very diverse group, many of whom are strong backers of Hillary Clinton. I am reminded of just how crucial it is for us, as Christians, to pray for our leaders and our candidates. I hope you’ll join me!

More updates later!

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