AIPAC Recap- Sunday

Wow…these are long days, starting early, ending late, and lots of jostling with 18,000 others! Despite that, AIPAC is proving to be a worthwhile experience as I witness people from every party, economic standing, lifestyle, etc unite for one purpose: support of Israel! While the upper echelon of US government and pockets of Congressmen seem to have turned their backs on Israel, trust me when I say there are lots of other government officials who stand on the same side as the 18,000 AIPAC delegates! Don’t get me wrong… they don’t necessarily have a Biblical view of Israel, but many do show significant support of Israel.

I began the day yesterday hearing from Steven Emerson, a nationally recognized expert on terrorism. Due to my need of sleep, I can’t go into great detail. However, what I can say is that terrorism has reached American soil, and those wishing to perpetrate it are simply awaiting the right time and conditions. Pray for American intelligence to uncover the hundreds of cells across the country

I also attended a Christian-based presentation, hearing about how to get Christians more effectively involved in support of Israel. In addition, I heard from Middle East expert, Jonathan Harris, as he presented a series of maps showing the changing status of Middle East nations. His key message: borders in the Middle East are disappearing, and will likely never be redrawn, as radical groups move toward establishing caliphates (as opposed to nations). Also, more parts of Europe than imagined are now under shariah law.

The evening ended with a General Session that was both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because my classmate from December’s Leadership Seminar in Israel, Chris Edmonds, got to tell the story of his dad saving over 200 Jews in one of the POW camps in Germany. As Commanding Officer of his captured unit, he refused the Nazi’s command to identify Jews. Instead, even with a gun to his head, he told the Nazi commando, “We’re all Jews. If you shoot me, you’ll have to shoot us all…and our troops are coming and you will stand trial for war crimes.”

Chris’ dad, Roddy Edmonds, was named Righteous Among the Nations, Israel’s highest honor bestowed upon non-Jews, while we were in Israel. He was recognized by President Obama and others in a special ceremony at the Israeli embassy here in Washington this past January.

The session ended with a speech by Vice President Joe Biden, who spent 25 minutes attempting to convince us why the Obama/Biden White House has been the friendliest and greatest ally of Israel in American history. Sadly, there were some (though not many) who agreed with him.

Today we hear from all the Presidential candidates other than Bernie Sanders, who is ironically a Jew! Thankfully, we’ll have other sessions of learning and networking as well.

I’ll continue to update as time allows. Please pray for continued unity. Government officials have said more than once that it is the only issue which draws support from both parties. However, there is lack of understanding the issue from a Biblical position. Please pray for an awakening to truth on Capitol Hill and the White House.

Blessings to all, and check back for further updates.

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