Monday Afternoon’s AIPAC Recap

Hi gang! The AIPAC Policy Conference continues and early this afternoon we were briefed on our lobbying appointments with Senators and Representatives tomorrow. Imagine 18,000 political activists invading Capitol Hill with a very unified message! More thoughts about that later, but here are the three key points that all delegates will be making to our Congressmen:

  1. Respond to Iran’s regional aggression. We will urge our Congressional leaders to support reauthorization of the Iran Sanctions Act, and to respond toughly when Iran violates agreements.
  2. Support direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, rather than risk the UN forcing the issue. AIPAC’s stance is definitely a “two-state solution,” which I struggle with if US policy is to pressure Israel to the negotiating table. Unless and until the Palestinians recognize and acknowledge a Jewish state and begin to act responsibly for peace, I don’t believe America should pressure Israel. PLEASE PRAY! I want to be sensitive to AIPAC’s interests, while remaining committed to Biblical principle.
  3. Support security assistance to Israel. Our task is to lobby our Senators and Representatives to support Israel financially and with equipment for the IDF.

One thing is becoming very obvious: without a perfect foundation and plumbline, the “right thing” is left to majority vote, or the opinions of the rich and powerful.

Now, to continue my thought from above. Imagine if 18,000 CHRISTIANS gathered in such unity, with a foundation and plumbline of God’s Word!

Regardless of popular opinion, Christians must remain committed to our solid foundation, and let’s take every opportunity to “lobby” others to trust in the God of the Word! Let’s also commit to gather at the throne of God and lobby for HIS interests! That’s how we bless Israel!

Blessings everyone, and thanks for praying!

PS: Our lobbying appointments were just confirmed. Please pray as our delegation lobbies:

  • Senator Jeff Flake – Tuesday at 11:00am Eastern (8:00am in Arizona)
  • Senator John McCain – Tuesady at 11:30am (8:30am in Arizona)
  • Representative David Schweikert – Tuesday at 12:30pm (9:30am in Arizona)

Thanks for your prayers!

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