Greetings from AIPAC!

Greetings from the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC!  I am gathered with almost 20,000 others for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference, a three-day gathering of the largest group of pro-Israel supporters in the United States.  AIPAC is a nonpartisan advocacy and lobbying group.

During the conference, I will attend several breakout sessions over the next three days on topics such as “Israel’s New Security Environment in a Region of Turmoil,” “Friends of Faith: Evangelical Christian Support for Israel,” and “How is Israel Preparing for New Strategic Realities?”  In addition, I will attend a Christian Delegates Dinner, we will hear from high level government officials (such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Vice President Joe Biden, other members of Congress, and most of the current Presidential candidates) in the General Sessions to be held at the 20,000-seat Verizon Arena.

Most importantly, the 30-person Arizona delegation of Christians with whom I am participating has an appointment on Tuesday to lobby our Arizona Senators and Representatives on specific matters regarding Israel.  Please pray that we will speak straightforwardly, but with grace and encouragement for our leaders to stand firmly and courageously with Israel!

You can find out more about what goes on at the AIPAC Policy Conference by clicking here.  Or watch the news.  I’m sure there will be snippets of candidates’ remarks, if nothing else!

I am honored to represent Christians, our worldview, and our strong commitment to Israel.  Will you pray for us as we speak for you?  Pray, also, for the Lord to “till the soil” of the hearts and minds of Congressmen (and women) who will hear from their states’ AIPAC delegates this week.  Many members of Congress truly do stand with Israel, but we need many, many more to do likewise.  May the grace of God reach them in a manner they would never be reached otherwise.

I’ll update you as I am able.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

(PS: Come back later today for a very sobering thought regarding a prayer walk around DC.)

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