Is the Next President in this Room?

During the summer I spent considerable time studying the kings of Israel and was reminded that Israel had only a few righteous kings.  One stands out above the rest in righteousness, and his name was Josiah.  At a time when Israel was divided and in great need of leadership, God raised up Josiah to be king.

Friends, our country is divided and in great need of leadership.  We need for God to raise up a Josiah!

I am not alone in this thought, and I must credit Joel Rosenberg for making this idea of a Josiah much more widespread than I ever could.  He has written about it extensively (see  America Needs a Josiah), and I will refer to him once more later in this post.

However, I want to encourage you to pray for a Josiah.  Pray for a man of Godly character and righteousness to rise up and lead our nation.  Pray that Americans will wake up and recognize our need to return to Biblical principles.

To that end, we must know about the presidential candidates and what they stand for.  This past weekend, I exhorted Christians all over America to pray and fast as conservative leaders convened in Iowa to discern which conservative presidential candidates are prepared to lead our country.

I believe that God will raise up a Josiah…and I believe there is a Josiah to be raised!  I was very encouraged as I watched a civil conversation (as opposed to a “debate”) take place among 7 conservative candidates.  I learned the true values of these candidates, and I truly believe that one of these candidates could be raised up as our Josiah!

It is our responsibility to carefully evaluate candidates and issues, then vote our values.  Thus, I implore every American to invest the time and effort to know our candidates.  It is imperative if we are going to vote wisely!  Thus, I want to exhort you to carve out time to watch what I believe is the best presentation of candidates I have ever seen!  The video below is 3 hours long.  Take it in parts, but spend the time getting to know these candidates!

When you’re done, then read Joel Rosenberg’s commentary on the candidates.  I’m not asking you to agree, but to consider!  Let’s be well-educated voters!

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