Through the Eyes of Mosab Hassan Yousef: Former Hamas Operative

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You’re going to love today’s study…and you may even find yourself digging in deeper (as I have!) to the resource I’m about to share with you!

Do you ever wonder what goes through the minds of terrorists?  What drives their hatred to the point of such evil?  One of the driving forces behind this study was to gain a better understanding of the mindset of both Arabs and Israelis, as each are equally puzzling to me.  I continue to search for those answers, but I found a resource that has provided more insight into the mindset of hostile Arabs, and specifically terrorists, than any other I have found.

Now that we have some basic facts under our belts, let’s turn to a genuine expert on Hamas for further insight.  Logon to the website of Mosab Hassan Yousef for a brief introduction.  Joseph, as he is known in America, is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding leader of Hamas.  Though groomed to follow his father’s footsteps in leadership of Hamas, the Lord had different plans for this incredible young man.

Through many God-ordained circumstances, Joseph came to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ and eventually became a follower of Jesus.  I highly recommend his book, Son of Hamas.  Not only will you get to know Joseph personally, you will gain incredible insight into the inner workings of Hamas and the supernatural work of the Lord Jesus Christ in Joseph’s life!

Beginning September 29, 2010, Joseph wrote a three-part series entitled, “The furious insignificance of Hamas.”  For our study, it provides as great an inside view into Hamas as can be found.  I hope you find these blog posts intriguing, and I hope you gain insight into the mindset of Hamas.  Let’s take a look at the first part of the series.  Please read The furious insignificance of Hamas, Part 1.

  • In the second paragraph of his blog, Joseph states that “Hamas is doing nothing and going nowhere.” What reason does Joseph give for that?
  • According to Joseph, what seems to be the most dangerous thing about Hamas?
  • In the fourth paragraph, how does Joseph describe Hamas members?
  • Also in that paragraph, how does Joseph describe the mindset of Hamas members?
  • Read Proverbs 14:12 and Proverbs 16:25. How do these verses apply to the issue Joseph describes?
  • How does Joseph describe Hamas’s leadership in Gaza (eighth paragraph)?

Now, let’s move on to Part 2 of The furious insignificance of Hamas.  Joseph goes on to share further insight regarding Hamas’s governing ability.

Based on Joseph’s opening statement in this blog post, not only does Hamas govern by kidnapping and torture, they also control tunnels from Egypt into Gaza and keep the best of goods for themselves, leaving Palestinian families to struggle to afford the rest.

  • What else does Hamas do to the detriment of its people?
  • Joseph goes on to describe Khaled Meshaal, the exiled Hamas leader. What does Meshaal accuse the international community of doing?  (Second paragraph after the picture of Khaled Meshaal.)
  • What does Hamas use to “crush the life, soul and creativity out of the people who gave it their trust?” (Fifth paragraph after the picture of Khaled Meshaal)
  • Based on the paragraph following the picture of a woman smoking a water pipe, what is happening to the people in Gaza?
  • What do you believe the outlook is for the people under the control of Hamas?

Finally, Joseph talks about key issues in the Middle East.  Let’s login to Part 3 of The furious insignificance of Hamas.

  • According to the first two paragraphs, who supports Hamas and how are funds raised?
  • Recall our observation earlier, that Iran is predominately Shia Muslim. Hamas, on the other hand, is predominately Sunni Muslim.  The two factions, though they have the common goal of destroying Israel, are also rival factions.  Thus, Joseph throws out a legitimate question: Why would Iran (Shia) help Hamas (Sunni) in the first place?  What is Joseph’s answer to that question?
  • Not surprisingly, that unlikely partnership involves the wicked former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However, Joseph’s next statement may be a surprise.  Who, other than Iran, continues to play a key role in the destabilization of the region?  (See first paragraph after the picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.)
  • How does the US keep conflict burning between Israel and the Palestinians? Do you agree?
  • What does Joseph say is the worst case scenario in the West Bank? (See first paragraph following the picture of Hamas rocket launchers.)
  • Unlike the Gaza Strip, Hamas will not likely gain control of the West Bank. Why?
  • What does Joseph identify as the “chief obstacle to peace and reconciliation?”
  • What stands in the way of dialogue, compromise and agreement?
  • Take time to re-read and ponder Joseph’s final paragraph.

A man who clearly understands the mindset and the methods of Hamas has come to see that many things…government, control, victory and life itself…are impossible without the God of the Bible.  Pray for Joseph and others like him who know and understand the culture of the Muslim world, and who reach out in love to their own people to help introduce them to the One True and Living God.

I trust you have enjoyed meeting Joseph.  For a deeper understanding of the mindset of Hamas, consider reading his book.  In it, he talks about Hamas’s ideology, and how and why he became a spy for Israel.  Fascinating!

UPDATE:  Just yesterday (10/20/15) Mosab’s father, a high-ranking Hamas leader, was arrested by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence agency).  This is not the first time Sheikh Hassan Yousef has been arrested.  In fact, Mosab once helped arrange for his father’s arrest in order to save his life.  (Read about it in Son of Hamas.)  Please pray for Mosab, as he genuinely loves his father and desires that he give up the ways of Hamas.  Pray for the Lord to make Himself known to Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

Tomorrow we will close out our week examining ISIS and their role in the Middle East today.  Are we seeing precursors of the tribulation period?  You won’t want to miss it!

(PS: Some who follow the journey of Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son of Hamas – question his true faith in Jesus Christ.  Only God can know the heart of man, so I will not be dogmatic.  Nor will I argue the point.  What I am certain of is the fact that he has boldly spoken out in both America and throughout the Middle East regarding his conversion from Islam to Christianity, and his life is in peril in doing so.  What I believe is important here is his clear vision of the internal workings of Hamas, and the fact he chose to take a path to expose Hamas ideology and warn against it, in favor of Israel and Christianity.)

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