Virtually Everyone Claims to be Fighting ISIS? If so, Why Can’t We Win?

According to some, there are over 60 countries and various other groups that are either waging war against ISIS, are supplying training and/or weapons, or are providing humanitarian relief to those left homeless.  Here is one such list:

Countries carrying out airstrikes Defending territory,
arming or training ISIS enemies
 Rebel groups Terror groups
United States
Saudi Arabia
Syria, Iraq,
Nigeria, Cameroon
Chad, Benin
Niger, Germany
Italy, Spain
Portugal, Albania
New Zealand, Czech Republic
Hungary, Estonia
Greece, Lebanon
Algeria, Afghanistan
Kuwait, Oman
Morocco, Singapore
Poland, Pakistan, Egypt
Libya, Yemen
Jaysh al-Islam
Jaysh al-Fath
Free Syrian Army
Libya Dawn
Popular Mobilisation
Islamic Front
Iraqi Kurds
Syrian Kurds
Al-Nusra Front

These nations possess the some of the strongest militaries in the world, utilize the most high-tech military equipment ever invented, and together boast GDP much larger than the rest of the world.  The total population of these countries dwarfs the 31,000 fighters, 20,000 foreign fighters, and 200,000 men of fighting age controlled by ISIS.

The Kurds in northern Syria and Iraq managed to drive out ISIS with AK-47’s and .50 caliber guns mounted to their Toyota pick-up trucks!  They have no air force and no air defense.  Furthermore, ISIS has no aircraft or tanks, but only captured Humvees from the Iraqi army.  They have no way to service these vehicles, which are useless once they fall apart in the sandy, desert-like conditions in many of the areas in which they are fighting.

So, why can’t 60-some countries with world class weaponry and training bring ISIS to its knees?  The US says it is fighting ISIS.  Russia says it is fighting ISIS. Turkey says it is fighting ISIS.  France says it is fighting ISIS.  But really?  Do we dare say they are not really fighting ISIS?

One Kurdish fighter (whose people actually DID fight ISIS) posted this comment on Facebook:

“Surprise, surprise, ‘fighting terrorism’ is a good excuse to kill whoever you don’t like these days.”

Cynical?  Perhaps.  A bit of truth?  Most likely.  Consider Russia’s “fight” against ISIS.  After moving military equipment into Syria under the guise of fighting ISIS, they promptly bombed American-backed rebels who were fighting against the Assad regime in Syria.  Sure, they took a few, seemingly random, “swats” at ISIS, but they have not engaged ISIS.  Their objective is to prop up the Assad regime!

What about Turkey…aren’t they fighting ISIS?  Hardly.  Indicating they were entering the fray to oppose ISIS, they launched attacks on a Kurdish militant group.  All this, ahead of November elections in which Turkish leaders are fighting to cement their political positions.

Well, those other nations might not be fighting ISIS, but certainly the United States is!  Oh really!?!  With a plethora of F-22 Raptors, F-16’s, F-15’s, B-1 bombers, drones and God knows what else, targets such as training facilities, headquarter buildings, ammo storage facilities, combat vehicles, etc were to be targeted.  Granted, a few things have been blown up and a small measure of damage has been done to ISIS targets.  Yet, on June 5, 2015 the Pentagon claimed, “Our coalition air strikes are the most precise and disciplined in the history of aerial warfare.” When questioned as to how ISIS had captured Palmyra, the Pentagon official said, “I didn’t say that they haven’t made tactical advances. I said they haven’t made strategic victories.”  Other known targets have been motorcycles and “fighting positions,” otherwise known in some cases as sandbags!

The issue is: though all say they want to see ISIS defeated, they all have something different at stake.  Russia is power-hungry and craves oil.  Their objective is to take over territory and one day commandeer oil reserves, including those found off the Mediterranean Coast of Israel.  (Sounds like Ezekiel 38 to me!)

Turkey wants to become a major player on the international scene.  Once a solid NATO partner, Turkey has positioned itself as an Islamic hotspot since the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2003.  November elections are critical if Erdogan wishes to retain power and lead Turkey into a prominent position as the Muslim caliphate is built.

As for the US, we simply have an administration who is mouthy enough to draw “red lines,” but not willing to stand up and enforce them.  Our president has time and again shown favor to terrorist, at the peril of our greatest ally and only democratic nation in the Middle East, Israel.  Indeed, President Obama has vacated the most powerful position in the world and has passed the baton to other world leaders (primarily Vladimir Putin of Russia).

So, why can ISIS not be stopped?  For the same reason the Divided Kingdom of Israel could not be “fixed”:

Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.
(See Judges 17:6, Judges 21:25, Deuteronomy 12:8, Proverbs 12:15, Proverbs 21:2)

Our King is coming….we would be wise, nationally and individually, to do what is right in HIS eyes!  Stand with Israel, my friends, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem!  (Psalm 122)

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