The Heart of God Toward His Chosen People

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Hello again, dear friends!  I am so blessed that you have chosen to accompany me on this journey!  I hope you have been encouraged by the evidence of God’s faithfulness presented this week.  At times things look very bleak in our world, and we know things will only get worse as Jesus’ return draws near.  However, through it all, we serve a God whose love and compassion for His people and for us are far beyond imagination.  Today’s focus will be solely on God’s heart toward Israel.  He loves His land and He loves His people, so let’s uncover some nuggets from God’s Word.

God’s Protection of Israel – Read Psalm 121.  We can certainly make the argument that there is personal application to be made, but who is the focus of this Psalm, according to v 4?  In what ways does God promise to protect Israel?

God’s jealousy for Israel – Read Zechariah 2:1-13.  According to v 5, what will God be for His holy city, Jerusalem?  In v 6, what is God’s instruction to the enemy of Israel?  What is His promise to His people in vv 10, 12?  Finally, how does God describe His tenderness toward Israel in v 8?

God’s tender mercy toward Israel – Read Isaiah 49:13-16.  Though Israel may feel forsaken, the God of Israel never forgets His people!  He uses the compassion of a mother with a nursing child to describe His compassion for Israel.  Then He goes even further. According to v 16, what has God done in His remembrance of Israel?  Indeed, the Lord has inscribed Zion (another word for Jerusalem) on the palm of His hands.  Again, we can make the personal application as “grafted in” children of God, to understand that He has grafted our names on the palm of His hands.  However, He specifically speaks to Zion in this passage, promising that He holds them so dearly that they are inscribed on His hands!  He will never, ever forget Israel!

Throughout time, people and nations have turned against Israel in her time of need.  That has never been more true than today.  We have seen how the tiny nation of Israel is surrounded by neighbors who hate her.  Turkey, an ally of Israel in the past, has turned its back, as has most of Europe.  Even the United States is turning a blind eye to Israel’s need.  Who will be left to stand with Israel?  Will Israel stand alone?

Amir Tsarfati is Israeli.  Tapped at a young age to become an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, Tsarfati faithfully carried out his duties and, after full-time military service, while still in his early-20’s, Amir became Deputy Governor of Jericho.  He held that position at the time Jericho was handed over to the Palestinians.  As of this writing, he remains a Captain in the Israeli Reserves, and is intimately familiar with Israel’s history and current events.  A believer in Jesus Christ, Amir now travels all over the world answering the question, “Will Israel Stand Alone?”

In his message, Amir answers 5 questions.  Let’s spend the rest of our time today delving into those 5 questions and their answers.

  1. Will Israel ever stand alone? The Bible is clear in its teaching, so let’s follow Amir to Psalm 124.  Notice that the passage does not say, “If the US had not been on our side,” or “If Europe had not been on our side.”  Rather, is says, “If the Lord had not been on our side…”  If not for the Lord, and the Lord alone, Israel would already have been swallowed up! The land of Israel is surrounded by 250 million Arabs, most of whom wish Israel was not there!  Whether or not any other earthly nation or people stood with Israel, the Lord has always been on her side.
  2. Why is Israel feeling alone? Israelis see the handwriting on the wall.  America, long known as Israel’s strongest and most dependable ally, is very quickly and dramatically turning its back on Israel.  US officials are attempting to force a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, and are fighting for a deal that will allow Iran nuclear weapons.  Israel does not believe they are important to America from a Biblical perspective, particularly when American presidents and other high-ranking officials spend their time attempting to appease Israel’s enemies.  In fact, the US government is drawing our nation closer to the Muslim world.  By definition, that draws us away from Israel!  Israel is feeling alone for good reason!
  3. Who is Israel’s biggest enemy? Iran is Israel’s greatest enemy, with Russia a not-so- distant second.  Keep these two countries handy in your memory bank.  We’ll come back to them next week. Iranian leaders throughout history have uttered tremendously threatening remarks about the annihilation of Israel, including the threat that Israel must be “wiped off the map.” You see, Iranian leadership firmly believes they have been called by Allah to hasten the coming of the Mahdi, the Muslim messiah, by bringing about chaos, and ridding the world of infidels.  Thus, they are very committed to wiping Israel off the map.
  4. Can Israel make it without the United States? So, what is Israel to do with the mounting threat from the Persian Empire (Iran)? Recent American leadership has shown no favor to Israel.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Our leaders are intent on cutting deals with Iran.  Thus, it is not likely that the US will support Israel in any sort of military action against Iran.  So, the question is:  Can Israel make it without the United States?  The answer is short and sweet: If Israel is to protect her interests, she should plan to do so without the help of America.  And with God on her side, she will undoubtedly prevail!
  5. What’s next in prophecy? That’s a loaded question which we are attempting to answer in this study.  However, as Amir Tsarfati makes known to people all over the world as he speaks, God’s Word promises that Israel will prosper, enemies will attack, and the Lord God will be victorious!  Next week we’ll study the Northern Invasion, and we’ll learn that enemies are coming soon to plunder.  They will have plenty to plunder, but they will ultimately have much larger problems as they learn they are taking up arms against the Lord of Hosts!  Stay tuned for that!

Perhaps you have gained new depth of understanding God’s special protection and provision over those with whom He cut covenant through Abraham.  His promises are forever and ever, and we can rest assured that, though every nation on earth will leave Israel standing alone (and will face judgment for it, according to Joel 3:2), God will never abandon His people and will never break His covenant!

Please pray for the covenant people, and for the peace of Jerusalem!  Nice work this week!

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