The Undeniable Truth about the BDS Movement

BDS…boycott, divest, sanction.  That became the mantra aimed at Israel by the Palestinians in 2005, and the movement seems to have gained international attention.  The BDS movement is meant to force Israel to “comply with international law and Palestinians rights.”  The objective is to convince individuals, companies and nations to cease doing business with Israel.  But is it realistic?

Apparently not, according to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google.  While visiting Israel this summer, Schmidt stated, “Investing in Israel was one of Google’s best decisions……If you really want something to get done, you have to come to Israel”  Other tech giants seem to agree.  Microsoft, Apple, Intel and many other leaders in technology have significant facilities in Israel, and for good reason.

The world owes much to Israel when it comes to technological, medical, agricultural and other advancements.  In fact, I was impressed by a recent article I read in Word from Jerusalem.  Take time to read “Consumer Madness,” beginning on page 4, and make up your own mind whether or not BDS is a good idea!

PS: Are you still with me in making September a month of prayer for Israel?  If not, check out Dare to be a Daniel and jump on board with us!

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