A Busy Night in the Gaza Strip

Monday night/Tuesday morning was a busy one for the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), as they successfully struck 34 targets in the Gaza Strip believed to be Hamas and Islamic Jihad structures.  This comes after continuous rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel over the past several weeks, and Israeli Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning to Hamas yesterday to “stop the rocket attacks, or we will stop them”

An IDF spokesperson had this to say about the successful airstrikes:

Following over 18 rockets which were fired at Israel since Sunday evening, IAF aircraft carried out a precision strike against 34 targets in the Gaza Strip…The IDF will continue to act in order to restore the peaceful living to the civilians of the state of Israel.  The Hamas terror organization and its extensions are solely responsible for any terror activities emanating from the Gaza Strip.

The IDF also continues to search for the accused kidnappers of the three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found just outside Hebron less than 24 hours ago.  Central Command Brig General Nitzan Alon issued this statement:

Our forces, together with people from across the security service and the police are continuing and will continue the search for the kidnappers, the terrorists form Hamas, as long as is required.  We won’t rest…until the mission is complete.

As things continue to heat up in the Middle East, let’s be faithful prayer warriors.  Bible prophecy is happening right before our very eyes and we, as believers, must be alert and take notice.  Our only hope is Jesus Christ…and He is coming back soon!  Why not share His love and grace with someone you know.

In addition, friends…don’t forget to join Anne Graham Lotz and thousands of others as we join together this first week of July for:


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