The Embassy is Open! What a Day it was!


Today, as President Donald Trump spoke to the delegation in Jerusalem at the official opening of the US Embassy, our crowd here in Washington DC tuned in as well.  What pure joy to be among staunch Israel-supporting Christians as the celebration took place!  The room erupted many times in applause and celebratory cheers as we watched history being made.

If you missed President Trump’s congratulatory remarks and the unveiling of the official embassy seal, here is the 4 1/2-minute clip:

Later, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a rousing speech, thanking President Trump for following through on his  promise to open the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

“What a glorious day! Remember this moment!  This is history.  President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history!”
~Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Watch his exuberant remarks here:

Indeed, it was a glorious day!  Spending it with those who love Israel was a true blessing.  Here in Washington DC we heard from other dignitaries and Christian leaders such as Yaron Gamburg (Minister of Public Diplomacy, Israeli Embassy in Washington), Dr Jurgen Buhler (President, ICEJ), Dr Jerry Johnson (President and CEO, National Religious Broadcasters), Pastor Saleem Shalash (Christian Arab Pastor at Jesus the King Church in Nazareth Israel) and many others.  How encouraging to know that Christians are leading a worldwide movement to share the truth about Israel, and to exhort others to speak out and act boldly on behalf of God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people.

In days ahead I’ll share more about the content of this first-rate gathering, beginning with America’s “Cyrus Moments” tomorrow.  See you then!

Word from Jerusalem – May 2018

Hey friends, in only a few days the international celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday will take place.  Not only is Israel’s 70th year significant in terms of Biblical importance, but it will be an especially meaningful celebration as the US and others move their embassies to Jerusalem!  Gear up…the excitement is about to begin!

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, which by the way, moved in when every other embassy was moving out of Jerusalem, and had a significant part in the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.  ICEJ’s VP and Senior Spokesman, David Parsons, was one of the authors of the original legislation that became the Jerusalem Embassy Act, and ICEJ-US Branch spearheaded a petition campaign and letters to the White House, encouraging the move.

Now, ICEJ has dedicated May’s issue of Word from Jerusalem to the celebration of the US Embassy’s move.  In this issue you will find:

  • ICEJ Prayer 2.0 – article by ICEJ President, Jurgen Buhler, who shares his vision of the tidal wave of prayer sweeping all over the world
  • An Israel on the Rise – highlighting Israel’s resiliency and determination
  • The Christian Role in Israel’s Founding
  • Human interest stories from throughout the land…and more!

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get an inside glimpse into Israel’s 70th anniversary!  Enjoy!

The Significance of the City of God

Friends, I want you to know why Jerusalem is so important.  But, rather than rehashing what is already so eloquently stated, I encourage you to read Jerusalem, a Praise in the Earth by Jurgen Buhler, ICEJ’s Executive Director.

Enjoy the article, then come back tomorrow when we’ll address the question, “Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism?”

Shabbat Shalom!