Trump Administration and Palestinians in Agreement!?!

“The United States, as we have said many times, cares for the Palestinian people and wants to help, but we will not empower a regime that launches attacks on Israeli kindergartens.”
~Jason Greenblatt (editorial, The Jerusalem Post, 10/19/2018)

It’s true…the Trump Administration and the Palestinians agree on something: Palestinian children should have the same opportunities as every other kid on the planet to become something.  So what’s preventing them from being very much like other children?


Jason Greenblatt is Special Representative for International Negotiations in the Trump Administration.  Check out his editorial in the Jerusalem Post a few days ago:

Trump’s Mid East Peace Plan a ‘Path to Change’ for Gaza

Did Netanyahu Meet Secretly with the Saudi Crown Prince?

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

A few sources, including a Facebook post by Behold Israel, are reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met secretly with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the sidelines of a meeting in Amman Jordan between White House special adviser Jared Kushner, US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt and Jordan’s King Abdullah.

There to discuss the US peace plan, the US delegation met with all parties to lay the groundwork for upcoming Middle East peace negotiations.  Though Israel and Saudi Arabia have no official diplomatic relations, it is widely believed that the nations have communicated via liaisons to help further the prospects of a broad peace plan in the region.

We are living in exciting times that are following a Biblical pattern leading up to end time events.  Never in the history of the world have Arab nations been so open to diplomatic relations with Israel.  While not all Arab countries are warming to the Jewish state, primary end time players, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are beginning to view Israel as more of an ally than an enemy.

Once more, I’m asking you to pray.  May wisdom abound to the US peace delegation as they spearhead the efforts, and may the Arab nations be blessed as they consider the prospects of peace with Israel.


Trump’s Move to Win Over Evangelicals and Israel-backers

Regardless of your thoughts about the presumptive presidential nominees, neither has a proven track record when it comes to Biblical values and morals, or standing strong with Israel.  True, both have voiced favorable words about Israel in settings where it was politically correct.  Yet, history and track records do not bear out a steadfast, unwavering support of Israel.

With poll numbers tumbling, the Trump campaign recently announced the formation of an evangelical advisory board in an effort to draw the support of evangelical Christians.  Among those included on the advisory board are former Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, James Dobson, and Jerry Falwell Jr (none of whom have officially endorsed the Republican).  Trump indicates these leaders will advise him on issues “important to evangelicals and other people of faith in America.”

On another front, Donald Trump is currently being advised by Jewish leaders on issues regarding Israel.  For example, Jason Greenblatt, a Hungarian Jews who grew up in Queens, New York, has been at Trump’s side in appearances with significant Jewish significance (such as the AIPAC Conference in March).

I have been asked by some what I think of these developments, but honestly I don’t know what to make of it.  I am not convinced that Donald Trump is a man easily “advised,” thus, while I certainly hope solid, moral voices might have some influence on him, I remain skeptical.

However, I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and believe He is faithful to His purposes.  I also believe He honors the prayers of His saints when in alignment with His will.  Often, during the early parts of this presidential campaign, I urged us all to pray for a Josiah.  While I’m very certain we don’t have a “Josiah” candidate, but our God is able to work in ways unknown to us.

Could it be that a presidential candidate might have a “Josiah” by his or her side?  One who will advise according to the Word of the Lord?  Let’s not give up on our nation or on what God might do despite candidates whose track records are far from righteous.  I’m suggesting that we all recommit ourselves to prayer in that regard.  One thing for sure: our nation is in dire need, and only the Almighty God is able to restore the US to Christian roots.

Pray, friends, pray!