Dr David Jeremiah Explains the Last Days

Hi friends! Dr David Jeremiah is a well-known, very well-respected Bible teacher who has studied deeply the events of the last days. Recently, he sat down with Dr John Hull for a discussion about the end times, the Antichrist and God's judgment, based on the book of Revelation. Dr Jeremiah succinctly provides basic details regarding …

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Sheltering in Place…or Sheltering in God?


Rapture Ready?

As the Iranian chaos has settled a bit, it seems to be a good idea to take a step back and remember that, though current events seem to be hurtling toward fulfillment of end time prophecy, there is no need to sensationalize what is happening in the world. God our Father is fully in control …

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David Jeremiah in Phoenix for the “Stand Up” Event

  Good morning friends!  This one almost got past me so the notice is late.  However, David Jeremiah has joined the effort to encourage believers to stand up, to live righteously, and to vote.  He will appear tonight at Talking Stick Arena (downtown) on his Stand Up Tour. The event begins at 7:00pm and Michael …

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