Great Encouragement from David Jeremiah

We all need a little good news, and today, I have some fantastic encouragement to share with you!

I never cease to be amazed by our sovereign God who weaves together things in our lives to reinforce His truth and our worldview. Though his teaching inspires me, I don’t get many opportunities to hear Dr David Jeremiah…but I recently heard him teach a message that ties in beautifully with our study:

  • He incorporates America, Israel and the church into this teaching.
  • Though he doesn’t shy from discussing the current hardships, he takes us right back to the truth of God’s Word, just as we’ve tried to do in our study.
  • He even used an illustration of a vessel…just like ours!

Friends, please take time to listen to this teaching. It is such an encouragement, and is so well presented. Due to his radio time slot of only 30 minutes, it comes in two parts. However, fast forward through the 2-minute introduction of Part 1, and the 10-minute review at the beginning of Part 2. Altogether, it is about 40 minutes of teaching. You will be incredibly blessed as Dr Jeremiah teaches us how to navigate through today’s wilderness.

Pass these along! Blessings, friends!

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