What will Yom Yerushalayim Look Like Today?

The cease-fire between Israel and the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip is holding, though things could still heat up in the coming hours as Israelis celebrate Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day). It is the annual commemoration of Jerusalem’s reunification in 1967, following the Six-Day War.

Jerusalem Day may be the second most important civic holiday on Israel’s calendar (after Yom Ha’ Atzmaut…Independence Day), because it is the day Jerusalem was brought back under Israeli rule. From a Biblical perspective, that is very prophetic and quite important since end time prophecies cannot happen if Israel is not a nation and if Jerusalem is not Jewish!

On Jerusalem Day, Israelis march in the streets, proudly waving the blue and white flag bearing the Star of David, Israel’s national symbol. However, as proud as Israelis are to wave their flag in celebration, Palestinians are equally adamant against such. So much so, that early in the cease-fire negotiations, one of the terrorist-controlled Palestinian demands was that Israel not observe that special day of flag-waving. Of course, Israel immediately nixed that demand and kept pounding terrorist positions and leaders in the Gaza Strip.

Be reminded that the shooting was initiated when a terrorist held prisoner in an Israeli prison died following a hunger strike. Islamic Jihad took that opportunity to begin firing missiles into Israel, and the IDF took the opportunity to take out 6 key Islamic Jihad leaders and destroy dozens of their weapon caches and launch sites. Make no mistake, Israel has always had the upper hand when it comes to conflict in the Gaza Strip. Just check the fact above.

If you are following, you know we are engaged in a time of prayer and fasting for Israel. I hope you are part of that effort. If not, it is not too late! Just click the link to find out more. But my plea is that you at least take time today to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as God’s Word commands. Hopefully today’s celebration is a peaceful one, but our part is to pray!

Meanwhile, praise God that Israel escaped almost unscathed by the rocket attacks. Two Israelis lost their lives, and that is two too many. However, considering almost 1,500 rockets were launched in less than a week, we can rest assured that God’s hand, once again, shielded Israel from further casualties or damage. Pray for the families who lost loved ones or property, but also praise the God of Israel, who never sleeps nor slumbers!

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