8 Reasons Christians Should Go to Israel

Hi friends! Every trip to Israel is different, and each one brings new excitement. That is certainly true of our tour next February! We’ve got new twists and wrinkles, and we’re including a new spot or two we have never been! In addition, the newest excavations, particularly at Magdala, the City of David, and Shiloh, are bringing to life more and more Biblical history! Every day, new discoveries are heralding the truth that God’s Word has had it right all along!

As always, we’ve created very unique experiences at affordable costs. Have we cut quality in order to make it affordable? May it never be! We have done two key things to make it affordable: eliminated the middleman and cut the fluff! No tour company or additional personnel will meet us at airports or direct us to our hotel rooms. We handle that! In addition, EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Tours takes on tasks of assisting guests with airline reservations and making sure those who need assistance both before and during the trip get it! No need to pay extra! Perhaps that’s why our guests rave about us!

The next available tour is February 24-March 7, 2024 and registration has already begun! If you have a group of 4 or more, be sure to look for special pricing.

It is no exaggeration to say that experiencing and understanding Israel is the key to understanding the time and season in which we live! It is not simply an over-the-top vacation, but a spiritual experience that touches the heart of every person who goes there.

Here are 8 reasons Christians should go to Israel:

  1. You will never be the same! Walking where Jesus walked and being taught at the sites mentioned in the Bible profoundly changes you. It is indescribable unless you’ve been there. Those who have been to Israel say, “I had no idea how deep the impact would be, and I will never be the same.”
  2. Your Bible comes alive! Imagine being in Capernaum when the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. That narrative is simply a narrative…until you see the place and understand the setting of that passage. Multiply that by every passage in Scripture, and soon you become “part of the narrative,” as though you were there to witness it! Back home, those passages will ignite the images permanently pressed on to the screen of your mind and you will forever “be in that place.” It is truly miraculous!
  3. You will encounter the living God in a profoundly unique way. Before each tour, we talk about “God moments” that inevitably will occur. If you are prepared to recognize your “God moments” when they occur, you will live in that moment and God will engage you in a deep way, unique only to you. He will become personal and undeniably present.
  4. You will grasp the real, historical Jesus! After all, He was a Jew, so to put Him in context by visiting the place where He was born, was raised, ministered, and ultimately gave up His life for you will leave you with a much more accurate understanding of Him. It is impossible to put Him in His earthly context without being in the places He was!
  5. You will see prophecy fulfilled. Yes, you have read about fulfilled prophecy, but consider what happens when you actually see the real live evidence of fulfilled prophecy? For example, Ezekiel 36-37 promised that God would bring His people back into their land, and it would become prosperous. That is exactly what you will see! Now, imagine Ezekiel 38-39 foretelling a future event, an invasion of Israel by a coalition from the north. As Ezekiel described, you will stand on the Golan Heights, staring northward into Syria and see the stage being set for that prophecy as well!
  6. You will see a modern miracle! After Israel was destroyed in 70AD and Jews were dispersed all over the world, surely no one imagined Israel would return to a land that was dead and make it prosper. You will see it with your own eyes, and will gain new depth of appreciation of what God has done.
  7. You will touch the apple of God’s eye! Genesis 12:3 is a deeply profound verse. In it, we are commanded to bless Israel or face curses from God. Likewise, the descendants of Abraham (Jews) are commanded to bless all the families of the earth. They gave us the Messiah. That is the unique calling that made them the apple of God’s eye. Our tours go to great lengths to engage the culture, and one reason is to be able to actually meet Jewish people, to love on them, and to touch the apple of God’s eye!
  8. You will pray more effectively for Israel! We are commanded to do so in Psalm 122, and we are called as watchmen on the walls in Isaiah 62. Until you see the tinderbox that is Jerusalem, and until you see and understand the purpose of the walls of Jerusalem and their significance, you will never grasp the full depth of meaning to those (and other) passages. The holy fire of effective prayer is ignited when you see, hear, and touch Israel. There is simply no place like it!

Perhaps you have been to Israel and have additional reasons why others should go. If so, please tell people! Please pass the word (and forward this post) to family and friends. I would love to fill our February 2024 trip with family groups. (That’s why there is a discount for groups of 4 or more!)

Hope to see you in Israel in 2024! Check out our website, or use the form below to request more information.

Shalom and blessings!

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