3,000 Years Old, 75 Years Young…Happy Birthday, Israel!

Tomorrow commemorates a miraculous day…Israel’s re-birth as a nation after the Jewish people were driven from their land by the Romans in 70AD. Never in the history of the world has a people group lost their land, their language and their sovereignty, only to regain it again. Seventy-five years ago tomorrow, that miracle occurred! And just as Scripture predicted (Isaiah 66:8-10), it happened in a single day!

Today, Israel is a thriving country in a Middle East neighborhood filled with nations who, throughout Israel’s history, have attempted to destroy them. Yet, God’s hand has prevailed! Through one miraculous war after another, the God of Israel preserved the land of Israel and the people of Israel.

Israel celebrates holidays according to the lunar calendar, so held their celebration a few days ago on Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Independence Day). On our Gregorian calendar, though, Israel’s Independence Day is today!

As you remember Israel’s statehood, why not learn a bit more about the history and significance of that historic event of May 14, 1948. Enjoy!

Can a Nation be Born in a Day?

Happy Birthday, Israel! Thank you for blessing us with your Messiah! May He become King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the hearts of many Israelis this year!

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