Erez Soref, President of One for Israel, Offers Thanks

Several days ago we encouraged all to pray for a piece of legislation in the Israeli Knesset that would have made sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ unlawful in Israel. As we reported later, that bill did not make it through legislation and Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed not to advance any law against the Christian community.

Praise God for that, and blessings to our friends at One for Israel, which is doing much to advance the Gospel in Israel and the Middle East.

Many of you joined the prayer effort against the passage of that law and OFI President Erez Soref now offers his thanks and an ongoing plea to pray for Israel:

God hears the prayers of those who seek righteousness, and He is faithful to honor prayers according to His will. He is still a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering, miracle-working God, so seek His face and offer Him your prayers.

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