Who Gives You the Best Deal…Satan or God?

When I consider all I see in our world today, I am continually drawn to 2 Thessalonians 2, where the first 12 verses carry the theme of lawlessness, delusion and deception inspired and perpetrated by the lawless one.

Who is the lawless one? Ultimately, the Antichrist (empowered by Satan himself) will arrive on the scene, throwing the unsaved world headlong into the tribulation. But verse 7 indicates the mystery of lawlessness is already at work in our world today, and we see it front and center.

  • Lawlessness such as mass shootings, rampant robbery and theft, and government corruption.
  • Deceitfulness such as lies foisted upon us by leaders and spun by mainstream media.
  • Delusion such as the belief that men can become women.

We simply cannot deny that lawlessness, deception and delusion are clearly evident in our world, perhaps to levels never before imagined. The mystery of lawlessness is loosed and Satan would like nothing better than to drag followers of Christ into a dangerous, even deadly, ditch. We must remain alert and diligent because not all delusion and deception are as obvious as the examples above. In fact, the attacks are most often subtle, and we are all vulnerable.

I was very encouraged by One for Israel’s Don’t Let Satan Trick You which turns the focus from Satan’s traps to God’s loving care for us. I think you will be encouraged as well. Be blessed!

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