Our First Day in the Old City

Our day began a bit earlier today, enabling us to go to Temple Mount during designated hours. Though planted in the Old City, Temple Mount is actually controlled by the Muslims.

As with everything in Jerusalem, it is complicated! The Jews recaptured Jerusalem, including Temple Mount, in the Six Day War in 1967. But in the effort of peace, Israel agreed to allow Jordan to maintain control of it. Despite Muslim control, it is the IDF’s responsibility to patrol it. You can imagine the difficult spot it puts them in when riots break out on Temple Mount and Muslims retreat to Al Aqsa mosque.

Don’t ink, though, that Israel is always innocent in the chaos that brews atop the mount. Even today we saw a group of young Jewish agitators ascend Temple Mount with a significant police escort to protect them. (Sadly.)

At the foot of the southwest corner of Temple Mount lies some artifacts of signicant importance. A large stone once gracing the top southwest corner bears an inscription telling us that was the place from which the heralders blew trumpets to draw people together.

Also seen were piles of large stones cast down from Temple Mount when the Temple was destroyed, fulfilling Jesus’ prophesy that not one stone of the Temple would remain.

The Southern Steps of Temple Mount is a very key stop on any tour. Commoners would have walked up these steps to the Temple, which means Jesus and His family would have walked here

Next, it was into the City of David where excavation continues. It is such a fabulous place! It was “the real Jerusalem” in David’s day, so his palace has been found, as well as other very interesting things.

We will talk about that in our next post, so stay tuned!

PS: I ask continued grace, as I post from my cell phone.

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