A Very Special Shabbat

In our last update, we left off at Tel Azekah, overlooking the Valley of Elah. After visualizing David’s conquering of the mighty Philestine giant, we had a special treat.

As noted in the previous post, Shabbat is a time of peaceful rest, and Jewish families commit their Sabbath day to family. Many go to parks for picnics, and because Tel Azekah is a national park, we had lots of company there!

Different than the tourist crowds, the people of Israel are content with a slower pace, and their attention is turned toward family (primarily children). Seeing families laughing and playing together was refreshing and causes me to think we in America have lots to learn about slowing our pace and focusing on what truly matters.

But that wasn’t all. Thanks to our guide, Aly, we were able to experience a bit of Shabbat ourselves, as she arranged for us to have a picnic lunch together upon Tel Azekah. What a glorious time of fellowship and “family togetherness.”

Following lunch, we had the privilege to attend Church of All Nations at the Baptist Village in Petah Tikva. It is a local Messianic congregation which hosts Christian’s from all over the world as they come to tour Israel. To worship with others from nations around the world is awesome, and when they provide a bit of worship in Hebrew, it is heavenly!

We ended our day with our first peek inside the Old City, as we attended a fantastic laser light show inside David’s citadel. Using the high walls and cavernous expanse of the citadel, the story of David was projected on to the walls, creating a gigantic “screen space.” It is a magnificent laser light display showing off Israeli imagination and technology. It is well worth the time (45 minutes) and expense (~$16).

We have another big day ahead of us tomorrow, starting with a trip to Temple Mount, followed by the Southern Steps, and the City of David. I pray you are blessed with these updates.

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