Walking Where Jesus Walked

We woke to a bright and glorious day on the eastern shore of Galilee. It is beautiful here and the weather has been fantastic.

Our day began at Magdala where a large crowd was already gathered, but within minutes the crowd dissipated and we were able to tour freely. That is a gift of God!

Magdala is a relatively recent discovery (early 2000’s), but is home to some significant finds, including an excavated synagogue in which Jesus most assuredly taught. We walked where Jesus walked! In addition, the stone table upon which the Torah was unrolled for reading was also discovered about the same time.

On the shores of the Galilee, this fishing village had a small harbor and would have been a meeting 0lace for Jesus and His disciples. They would have walked all over this village. Mary Magdalene was also a resident there. Today, a beautiful, modern conference center shares space with the excavated synagogue and surrounding ancient monbiot and village ruins. A replica fishing bot Grace’s the chapel, which has full-length windows looking out over the Sea of Galilee. There are also amazingly detailed murals on several walls depicting various women of the Bible. It is a healing place for soul and spirit, and seemed to provide a foretaste to what we would experience later in the day.

We made a stop at the Mount of Beatitudes, overlooking the Sea of Galilee from the north. It is a beautiful place and reminiscent of where Jesus might have taught the Sermon on the Mount. Whether it was or not, the beauty of the area was enhanced by wildflowers springing up everywhere! Yellow mustard flowers carpet much of the area, and red poppies are popping up!

Pastor Aaron Phetteplace shared some encouragement as he taught the Beattitudes. What a joy to have him and his wife with us on the tour!

We enjoyed a special lunch today featuring St Peter’s fish. Watching first-timers is always fun when the fish comes out fully cooked, but looking back at you! It is very tasty talapia, if a sort found only here.

The afternoon holds much more in store, so check back again soon! Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures.

Synagogue of Jesus’ day, replica of a fishing boat from Jesus’ day, beautiful mural of the woman who dared to touch the hem of His garment.

Pastor Aaron teaching at Mt of Beattitudes

Our group enjoying lunch together.

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