A Very Special Day

Not only did we visit Magdala, Mt of Beattitudes and Tabgha, but we also had special times at other places.

Capernaum is a very special place that always touches those who stop to consider all Jesus did there. Not only was Capernaum the seat of His ministry, but He performed more miracles there than perhaps anywhere else. He lived with Peter’s family and among the miracles, He healed his mother, a lame man was let down through the roof to be healed by Jesus, and a woman with an issue of blood was healed.

Pastor John Kelley shared the account of that woman, reminding us that she simply touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. Using a talit, Pastor John went on to describe the picture of being under His wings, and how deeply God cares for us.

We had a time of prayer and anointing for those desiring to have healing and it was a beautiful time.

We are staying at Nof Ginosar, the kibbutz where the Jesus Boat is located. Today we saw the Jesus Boat and learned how it was discovered and saved. Two brothers found nails in shallow water during a drought in Israel. They discovered those nails came from a small fishing boat dating back to Jesus’ day.

The boat was too frail to move, so Israeli ingenuity kicked in and a plan was made to safely extract the vessel from the muddy bottom and restore it. Today it sits in the Jesus Boat Museum.

Then, it was all aboard for a raucous time on the Sea of Galilee. Following the traditional raising of colors (flags of Israel and the tour’s country of origin) and national anthems, we made our way out on to the Sea of Galilee. There, Pastor John also reminded us that God never “leaves our boat” in the midst of hard times.

Putting it all together, this was a fabulous day! Pastor Aaron’s exhortation to us on the Mt of Beattitudes, our time of prayer and healing at Capernaum, and finally a reminder that God is always faithful.

That calls for celebration, and celebrate we did! Sea of Galilee boat crews are fun guys and Jews know how to have a good time. They taught us to dance the Jewish Nagilla and it was fun for all! What rejoicing we had to end our day!

Our group at Capernaum, viewing Peter’s home, Pastor John teaching with the talit

Learning about the Jesus Boat, having big fun on the Sea of Galilee! (Sorry…too busy dancing to get the full-blown Nigella in which virtually our entire group participated!)

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