Another Sign of the Times: Deception, Evil and Apostasy

Ok Bible students…when you think of the Tribulation, what key words come to mind?

Perhaps you thought of other words, but I suspect deception, evil and apostasy came to the minds of some. Let’s consider those three Tribulation characteristics in our discussion today.

My perspective is from America, though I readily admit the US is not the end all of Bible prophecy. It’s just that there are clear examples to validate the characteristics we’re focusing on. I’m sure you can think of examples in your home country as well.

I’m ashamed to say that evil is rampant in America, and this past election season has ignited new flames of evil that threaten to consume our society. It is clear now that Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives, so what is our lame duck Congress doing? Plowing straight ahead with the most liberal agenda they can possibly put forward. Their hope is to pass radical, far left legislation that will forever damage our nation, before the new Congress is sworn in in January.

For example, just days after the election, the Senate pushed forward the incredibly, deceptively named “Respect for Marriage Act.” Touted to provide federal protections for same-sex marriage, Democrats rushed to bring the bill to the floors of the House and Senate following the Dobbs (abortion) decision, citing fear the Supreme Court could use Dobbs to overrule the Obergefell gay marriage decision.

Astoundingly, 47 House Republicans crossed the aisle to join Democrats in passing the bill through the Housse in July. In the Senate vote this past Wednesday, 12 Republican Senators joined the 25 Democrats to pass the Senate version 62-37. If you are curious about which Republicans voted yes on this evil piece of legislation, you’ll find House members here and Senate members here. (They need to be voted out of office during the next primary!)

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

~Isaiah 5:20

It is God who defines marriage, not US Congress or any other world leaders. To call evil good and good evil is, sadly, a routine part of American society today, and we’re being force fed large doses of it.

If the depths of depravity and evil aren’t sure signs of coming chaos, how about deception? There are liars and cheats everywhere, and I bet you have encountered them. But, when it comes to spiritual things, it is a whole new ballgame. Satan loves to mimic, and even counterfeit, God. That is deceptive, and that is what got him thrown out of heaven! (Isaiah 14:12-16) Counterfeiting God is never a winning proposition! Isaiah 44-46 makes it abundantly clear that only God is God, and there is no other!

But did you know there is a new religion rising? “Religion” is nothing but a belief system, but a relationship with the Living God is a different story! So, what is the new religion? Climate! Yes, people around the globe are worshiping the climate rather than the Creator of the climate! Amir Tsarfati sat down with a non-believing professor in Israel to discuss Climate Change: The New World Religion. (It is well worth the time.) People are buying into this new religion, and the Pope recently pronounced the 10 Commandments of Climate Change! Despicable!

Do you see the deception? Remove something good, righteous and noble and replace it with something evil, unrighteous and blasphemous. Convince the world that climate is the most important thing and convince people to worship it! Meanwhile, work like crazy to destroy government, family and church…the three institutions God ordained for governance. Destroy what is Godly, exalt what is evil.

Finally, what about apostasy, the falling away of the church (believers) from true Biblical principles? I’m sure everyone of us knows of someone we once thought a strong, committed follower of Christ, only to watch them wander far from the faith. However, it goes much, much deeper than that. There are those in church leadership who are willingly and intentionally leading flocks astray. Need examples? How about churches flying gay pride flags:

Other churches are teaching harmful ideology such as Replacement Theology (the church has replaced Israel) or New Apostolic Reformation (there are “new” apostles and theology not revealed in Scripture). It is meant to deceive and to draw people into following after the “new” apostles.

Apostasy will happen in the church. It is a sign of the time, the last days, as God’s Word warns.

But it is also a time for Christians to shine! When is the light brightest? In the darkness. The darker our world becomes, the more important it is for our light to shine. It does that ONLY if we are in God’s Word and “putting it on” in our everyday life. Whose life are you impacting today?

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