Will Benjamin Netanyahu Pull Out Another Miracle Victory?

As I write, Israeli officials are still counting votes from Tuesday’s election, but exit polls are showing positive signs that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have pulled out another Houdini-like electoral victory. Of course, in Israel, voters do not actually vote for a person, but for a party. The head of the party garnering the most votes typically receives the first mandate to attempt to pull together a majority of seats to form a coalition.

If exit polls are accurate and no shenanigans occur (which is not out of the question), Netanyahu’s center-right Likud party will almost certainly have the most votes. As head of Likud, Netanyahu will then try to rally other conservative-leaning parties to join him. In reality, Israel has had a conservative majority for quite some time, but leaders of some of the right-leaning parties refuse to sit in a government with Benjamin Netanyahu. Thus, Israel was left with left-wing leaders in their highest offices.

Why is Israel’s election so important? Because, just like in America, the leftist liberals and anti-Zionists in power have ruled for a year-and-a-half and have caused untold damage as they buckled to Hezbollah’s demand to move territorial maritime boundaries (ceding Israeli natural gas rights to a terrorist organization), put a two-state solution back on the table, and cowered to the American administration who is intent on cutting a new nuclear deal with Iran. Just like America, Israel is in deep trouble and in need of strong leadership. No Israeli stateman has the track record or the chutzpah to stand up to adversaries, except Benjamin Netanyahu.

It will likely be a narrow victory if Netanyahu is, indeed, able to cobble together a coalition, but let’s pray that common sense and national pride return to Israel’s halls of government.

As we navigate these last days, the world will yearn for leadership. As Christians, we know whose lead to follow, and I hope Americans will vote their values. To love what God loves and hate what God hates should provide the impetus for us to vote wisely. Neither Israel’s nor America’s elections are about persons, but about obedience to what God calls us to: righteousness. Let’s pray Israel awakens to it, and let’s pray America awakens to it.

One day, a charismatic world leader will arise and will persuade all to follow him. That will be the Antichrist. But as long as the Lord keeps believers on this planet, we must fight for righteousness! Perhaps Israeli voters have done their part. Will American’s follow course?

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