Forget the Red Wave…Make Your Vote Count

Friends, we’re a week away from Election Day, and to succeed we must finish strong! All kinds of crazy polls are out (don’t believe ANY of them!), and all kinds of crazy shenanigans are rumored. Let’s hope the election remains clean, but the only control we have is to VOTE!

In the midst of the run up, things may get a bit crazy and the temptation may be to sit this one out. Don’t give in to it! Follow through and make your voice heard. As Americans, our Constitution is the only one on the planet that declares rights bestowed upon us by God. That means we have a responsibility to God to fulfill our obligation as citizens of this great land.

Furthermore, believers are responsible Biblically to speak for those (the unborn) who cannot speak for themselves. (Proverbs 31:8-9) There are plenty of moral and ethical ramifications to this election, but if for NO other reason, we must fight for the unborn who cannot fight for themselves. One party (Democrat) wants to make abortion a federal “right,” while the other party (Republican) is fighting to save the lives of the unborn. The choices of candidates are clear, and regardless of how many others vote, Christians are obligated to vote our Christian values.

Some might say, “What difference does one vote make?” Great question. But do you think you are the only one with that questions? What if 100,000 Christians said that and decided not to vote? In the 2020 election, there were multiple states whose results were within a 100,000 vote swing. Arizona was one of them! Your vote matters.

Others say, “I don’t know if the election process is clean and fair. If one side cheats, votes don’t matter.” That is stinking thinking! We are called by God to do what is right and leave the results to Him! If we don’t vote, we say “No” to God’s great gift to us in America.

Finally, if you have already voted, God bless you! If you have not yet voted, commit to do so! For my friends in Arizona, please beware: If you received a ballot in the mail and plan to vote in person on election day, just know there will be massive lines. Also your mailed ballot will be voided and the poll workers must print out a provisional ballot for you. That creates two issues:

  1. Provisional ballots go through additional verification steps (that could be tampered), and are counted last.
  2. There are indications of a “paper shortage” that may result in polling places running out of ballots.

Thus, if you received a ballot in the mail, your best method of voting is to drop it off at the County Recorder’s Office or (second best) go to an early polling location and deposit it in the ballot box. Unless there is no other option available, DO NOT mail in your ballot or drop it in a drop box. (If those are your only options then vote and trust the Lord to get your ballot where it belongs!)

In whatever state you live, the most important thing is: VOTE your values! Then, let’s trust the Lord for a huge victory for righteousness! Press on, Christian warriors!

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